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How can I get bigger breasts without surgery?

July 19, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Wildlife hero: How can I get bigger breasts without surgery?
I am 24 yrs old, with very high metabolism. I have some belly fat but thats about it. I am 34B but would like to have bigger breasts. Do you know any exercise, technique for breast enhancement? or maybe hypnosis? have you tried it?

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Answer by Khaz
I think I heard on manswers that a woman was drinking beer professionally. The hops created more estrogen in her system and her boobs increased in size over the years. Just remember you might end up with a beer belly to.

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9 Responses to “How can I get bigger breasts without surgery?”
  1. C o n f u c i a n says:

    Get pregnant. You should move a size up after pregnancy…or at least I have heard..

  2. rams says:

    i wish i had urs…..:(
    u can use cup bras to show ur bust size bigger…..y make it unnecessarily big n suffer…be happy wd what u have dear!

  3. Phil says:

    Hypnosis might make you THINK you have bigger breasts, but it won’t make them bigger. You can get inserts or padded bras to make them LOOK bigger, but there is no natural way to make your breasts grow, or the plastic surgery people would be out of business.

    There is another solution: accept your body the way it is–beautiful.

  4. Susan Jones says:

    Some (not all) birth control pills that have higher levels of estrogen can definitely make them bigger. Also higher estrogen helps with acne. Mine got -significantly- bigger when I went on generic ortho tri-cyclen. The downside is, the type of birth control that make your boobs bigger also generally make you gain weight, too. I gained 10 pounds. I was skinny so I actually wanted to be less stick-like and gain some more curves. But if you already have a tummy this may not be your best option.

    Edit: By the way I would never wear a padded bra. I have never understood why anyone would. Bras are temporary. When the bra comes off, you will see them at their normal size and be disappointed. Men will be disappointed when they see you without it having thought they were bigger (or if they touch your boob through your shirt and feel all padding). It doesn’t help your image because you know it’s fake, and it won’t help anyone else’s image of your boobs when they find out it’s fake.

  5. nonyabissnise says:

    well try ordering that one thing on tv for your breast.i tightens your breast!

  6. Georgie says:

    ive tried hypnosis but not for breast enhancement. I tried it for smoking cessation. Didn’t work. But, you can do butterflys-arms out and up, and then close ur arms together. It wont increase mammary fat, but will build your pectoral muscles, which lie underneath the mammary fat. This excercise also improves cleavage. Ive been told by a friend who works at GNC, that the enhancement pills DO work- But you have to take them regularly, and the second you stop, the “growth” goes away. Hope I helped. Good Luck.

  7. Christiesteezy says:

    I don’t think there are any definite techniques and most are shams but I have heard on a Korean science show that the vegetable Kale<—I think that’s how it’s spelt, can make your boobs alittle bigger. You can google it and research if you’d like.

  8. ?) MumBaI?) says:

    Hello Dear,
    Please stop complaining, and relax. If you have a good personality, nature and confidence, we boys wont look at the sexiest of models. We boys do confess that boys are attracted and mad towards sexy figures and big boobs, But remember ATTRACTION has nothing to do with looking her as a Life Partner or Marriage material.

    We see your nature, character, personality and other things. If we were to choose between Pamela Anderson AND a good matured physically deformed girl, I would prefer the second one. Looks are not all, and the man/boy who loves you only for your looks, is not your true lover. Because looks fade away as you grow with Age. :) . .

    Hypnosis Doesn’t Change your PHYSICAL Body, it just provides you with Mental Confidence. It can just boost some confidence on your current boobs or make you feel as if they are very big.

    Remember there is no PROVEN method for boob growth except Surgery, But here is the answer for your Question. .

    Go to these links they will sure help. . :) to Improve your upper body the natural way.

    1) Yoga and other Exercises Add some muscle and confidence to your breast.
    2) Proper eating habits combined with Body Hormones make em grow bulky/fatty.
    3) Body Hormones come early in some girls and late in some, depends on genetics.
    4) Chemicals similar to these Hormones are present in birth pills in small amount and also they develop in the body heavily during Early stage of Pregnancy or even during heavy physical exertions during puberty, they work with testosterone during stage of puberty and are linked to libido or sexual arousal. [NOT RECOMMENDED]
    5) Massage and aroma therapy are also known to increase the size but its still unproven. [PREFER DOING WITH SINGLE PARTNER]

    Normally heavy growth of breast is seen after marriage, when boobs get enough sexual massage treatment, with birth control pills and culminated with changing hormonal pattern, especially during pregnancy.

    SECOND METHOD : Surgery/Boob Job
    The Silicon Implant method, to make your boobs grow according to your Desired size. (remember its surgery implants, hence sex or boob pressing might be a little uncomfortable in later stage)

    THIRD METHOD : Fake Them
    Make ups and Padded Bras. . I guess for a women, your cosmetics store can help you more on this.

    Best of Luck Dear. .

  9. Question asker says:

    1: Putting on some weight

    2: Massaging the breast into lactation.

    3: Sit down imagine them growing and feel them becoming bigger .

    (This effect has been proven)

    4: Hormone therapies

    5: Surgery

    6: Getting pregnant.

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