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How can I get over watching someone die?

March 9, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Did my typos offend you?: How can I get over watching someone die?
About a year ago, while driving home with my sister (we we’re in different cars) I watched a semi-truck run a red light and kill her. I can’t stop replaying it in my head. Does hypnosis work? Or therapy? I’ll basically try anything.

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21 Responses to “How can I get over watching someone die?”
  1. Feeling Yourself Disintegrate says:

    Wow, that’s heavy.

  2. jtpruz says:

    ya dude its kinda obvious that u should see a therapist, wont be easy but it should work

  3. blackknight says:

    i hate to say this but you will never get it out of your mind. your best hope is to talk about it definitely try therapy.

  4. David says:

    i’d recommend therapy, because if that doesn’t work ud have to get over it some other way….

  5. kushmastah says:




  6. ?oi?? ???s & al?ea?y C??z? says:

    i am so sorry this happened to you & your family & i wish i had a good answer for you

  7. Somekid says:

    Therapy sir, but if it doesn’t work out like if the therapist thinks she/he is better than u or if they ask u stupid questions try something else

  8. Rainbowdrops90 says:

    Hypnotherapy basically “fixes” things your subconsious gets wrong, so i doubt this will help your situation. I have no idea about actual Hypnosis but personally i would never try anything like that.

    I think your best bet is therapy. Just understand it was never your fault, and there was, and is nothing you could do. And I hope the person who did it got jailed for a very long time.

  9. eric e says:

    wow! thats….. horriable. well In Time, you’ll learn to accept it, but w.on’t forget it… just try to go about your daily life and try to kep your mind focused on something else.

  10. kaddy says:

    Sometimes it is helpful to write a letter to the person who died and express all of your feelings. In the letter, ask the person if it is OK for you to let go now. I know this may sound crazy, but you really need to have some closure. Perhaps this could help. If not, get into a counseling office as soon as possible. This is not something you should be replaying in your mind. Take care. I want you to get better. You are worth it!

  11. Mist says:

    Wow if this is truth I’m sorry .

    seek therapy , and help , don’t fight the image , your mind is reliving it because it is trying to understand why it happened , it is trying to find a logic and a reason since it hurt you so much .

    The more you go trough it the less powerfull it will be , but it may take a long time to heal on it’s own ., seek help , it helps a lot to find a help group with people that have gone trough similar things to talk about it , the more you talk about it the less power it will have on you.

    Crying while telling the story will really help you let go .

    You need to talk about it to people that are willing to listen and understand you !

    Good luck and sorry about your loss.

  12. Igor says:

    damn, i feel sorry for what happened to your sister bro :

    you could try getting an appointment with an psychologist, or if you are religious you can go to church and ask the priest for an advice.

    but what you should NOT do is start drinking alcohol, because that will just ruin your life.

  13. Joe K says:

    that’s not an easy answer. my brother watched a man die in walmart parking lot. he said that its something that is going to stay with him for the rest of life.
    and seeing how the vietnam war psychologically messed up alot of people.
    it may not be something you will ever get over.
    but everyone is different.
    personally my brother really is my best friend. i have never gotten along with anyone like him. and if that happened to him. i don’t know what i would do.
    im Very sorry for what happened.
    and i hope you find something that helps…. i really do

  14. old man says:

    Years ago I came across a man in the street that was just hit by a car. He was a elderly man in his 60’s and in bad shape, I did the best that I could for him but he died in my arms. It is something that you can never forget but you must. I think that since it was someone close to you I would highly recommend you see a psychiatrist skilled in grief management. It won’t be easy but you will have to face death in your life and sometimes it’s best to just talk about it.

  15. S1PHMFMJ1990 says:

    I know that your situation is much harder than mine… but I (sort of) know what you mean. I LOVED my grandpa SO much, he was such a great man, he was a deacon at the church and was loved by SO many people. He SUFFERED the last 2 years of his life. He died ON MY 18th BIRTHDAY, June 11, 2008. I LITERALLY watched him take his last breath. I watched him die in a hospital bed. And I will NEVER forget the SOUND of his last breath, and I will NEVER forget watching his last few moments… the only thing that really gets me past it is knowing that he is SO much better off not bein on this horrible earth… I wish EVERYDAY that he was here… He never got to see my daughter. (i got preg at 17, he knew, he was excited to meet her… I was 6 months pregnant when he died on my birthday…strange right lol) But i KNEW he was going to die the DAY i found out that i was pregnant…. i just knew…. and its scary, and its sad to know that everyday i went to see him i was waiting for it to happen. Its hard girl… it is, and there isnt really much you can do to actually FORGET it… i know mine is NOTHING compared to your story but i know it hurts to watch someone die. You could try therapy… it may help… but from what i have learned over the past few years is that horrible memories fade over time… and they become harder and harder to remember. I really hope this helps… good luck.

  16. john says:

    that is so heart breaking but try to remember that it was not your fault and if you focus on the fact that god took your sister to a better place and that we all have to go sometime and remember all the good things you and your sister did when she was still alive but in the mean time you should defo go to see therapy as it should really help you understand a way to cope anyway you be strong and may your sister rip.goodluck my friend

  17. just asking says:

    talk to a therapist u may need to take meds for awhile but the pain will be less intense i feel for u i watched my husband die and though it wasn’t the same as what u saw it was still bad ( he had lung cancer) that was seven years ago and now if i think about it i can still remember everything but i don’t think about it as often oh i still think of him a lot but not of haw he passed away i can think of the good times now . SOLO keep your chin up talk to a therapist and talk to others about memory’s u had with her. this pain will pass

  18. RWPossum says:

    In The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook, Dr. Glenn Schiraldi says that, although some symptoms of PTSD respond to self-help, the disorder itself does not.

    This is an article on Trauma Therapy.

  19. Aliana says:

    omg I would never be the same. im sooo sorry u had to see that. i agree with the person who said pray and also the person who said itll probably never go away. im sorry. Maybe therapy.

  20. Rex says:

    Yes, hypnosis and therapy, will help, maybe some pills also

  21. firstaidkit909 says:

    im not going to suggest anything other than the power of prayer, bud.
    try it, it works. just say god help me get that image out of my mind or something like that…believe me. just try it. you’ll be surprised(:

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