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How can I go into a deep trance?

March 3, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Baal Overlord: How can I go into a deep trance?
I’ve been doing self-hypnosis for a about a year and I rarely go into trance. I use hypnosis mp3 files to implant suggestions The only real trances I’ve ever had was in school while daydreaming. Usually when listening to my files, I can’t go deep enough. How can I go into a deep trance while using hypnosis mp3 files? & by deep, I mean deep enough to focus ONLY on the hypnotist’s voice.

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Answer by Normand Murphy
Hypnosis does work and is proven, and I have used it personally. However it does not work for most people. If it did you would have hypnosis clinics on every corner. There are better methods that you can use that are similar to hypnosis that are more effective and less expensive

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One Response to “How can I go into a deep trance?”
  1. Pam Richards says:


    Firstly suggestions can only be implanted if all aspects if your belief system accept them – if not they will be thrown out.

    & Depth of hypnosis is not relevant to success.

    If your using suggestions which you mind will accept as being good for you, it is not your conscious self which needs to hear them – but your subconscious & that hears everything.

    Deeper levels of relaxation / trance can be achieved by manual self hypnosis, although change may not be seen if the wrong suggestions for you are being used.


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