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How can I hypnotize myself to sleep?

July 1, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Kristin: How can I hypnotize myself to sleep?
I have trouble going to sleep, and I think that some sort of hypnosis could help me get to sleep. Thanks for the help!

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Answer by db2437
It isn’t hypnotizing but what I do when i can’t sleep is to count backwards from 100 while breathing deeply. Each exhale is a number. Really concentrate on the counting and breathing – don’t let you mind wonder. It really seems to help. Good luck, not being able to sleep is the worst.

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2 Responses to “How can I hypnotize myself to sleep?”
  1. words_that_live_on says:

    Each night write two notes to yourself . What to do tomorrow and what to forget tomorrow. Good luck! When you only have one set of notes it is over..

  2. Steve Saunders says:

    You don’t need hypnosis…

    No-one teaches us to sleep properly when we are young and thats the problem. Modern society seems to push pills as the answer..when its often not the case at all.

    Sleeping is all to do with the brain, and sometimes people brains need retraining to go into “deep sleep” so you feel like you haven’t been awake all night.

    Loads of info about can be found at the website below and they also sell a guide on it. No hypnosis, no drugs or herbs, it really quite amazing and it works.

    Have a look at and see if it helps

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