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How can you literally hear your own thoughts?

March 23, 2013 by relax  
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Question by jchalase: How can you literally hear your own thoughts?
Without sleeping or being schizophrenic or on drugs, how can you literally hear your own thoughts as audio hallucinations. It would be cool to think about music and start hearing it.

First off, is it possible? If it is (hypnosis, whatever), how?

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Answer by dacoolestkat
Huh? You mean like hear it as if you’re listening to a CD?

When I think of stuff I hear what I’m thinking whether it be a song or words. However I don’t hear it as if it were someone in the flesh speaking to me. I’m sure it’s the same way for everybody. I have had experiences where I’m half sleep, half work and I’ll hear something in my dream or something outside of my dream (i.e: the TV in my room being on) as if I was wearing headphones or something. It’s pretty loud, but it goes away after a few seconds.

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8 Responses to “How can you literally hear your own thoughts?”
  1. David Parker says:

    Just speak to yourself and listen at the same time.

  2. zhi says:

    Yes. Sometimes the narrative voice changes. Sometimes its my mother’s or my best friend’s voice. Yep, I hear it.


    But its basically my memory of their voice and the words my mind decided they should say and not a sound. So to answer your question I don’t think thoughts manufacture sound waves.

  3. ulo_olu says:


    Schizophrenic cannot willfully control what the see or hear, never the less manifest it.

    If you are on a psychotropic drug you are ability to control yourself is like a drunk man trying to pee in a urinal but instead it somehow got in the coffee cup of a random stranger.

  4. Michael says:

    I don’t it is possible

  5. panthersrule21 says:

    It is possible: you probably “said” what you were typing just now in your mind. In psychology this is called either self-talk, internal monologue, or internal dialogue. We do this stuff all the time when we think about practically anything.
    OR you may be referring to some sort of condition similar to schizophrenia (which usually has hallucinations of some kind).Usually if you “hear” your own voice thats internal dialogue and if you “hear” strange voices that is some form of schizophrenia.

    PS Hallucinations are things (sounds, visions, thoughts) you perceive in the absence of a stimulus, while ILLUSIONS involve similar perceptions (auditory or otherwise) which involve distorted/misinterpreted REAL perception

  6. T@zz says:

    When you think there is nervous activity in your vocal cords.

  7. pastorbk says:

    That is an interesting question. I think you can hear your own thoughts going on in your head, as a normal person in one of two ways.

    Some people are Extraverted Thinkers. They have no filter on what they say. They tell you their cold hard factual or abstract thoughts. They think best out loud. Those people score ENTJ and ESTJ on the MBTI Personality Test. Also, those that Extravert Sensing, who blurt out clearly, observable facts that they are pondering on their minds would be people who score ESTP, ESFP on that test. These people literally tell you exactly what is going on in the rational parts of their mind. So you can hear their thoughts if you listen to their words.

    Secondly, I think musicians do this when they are composing tunes in their head. If they hum or whistle or sing the tune they are outputting their thoughts live from their minds with the music.

    So those are my thoughts on it. Blessings.

  8. chris_keever2000 says:

    You haven’t realized you already do it????

    Can you remember your favorite song? Can you remember your first grade teacher’s voice? Can you remember how the ocean sounds like? If you can, that means you can hear your own thoughts. The more you practice it or the more you concentrate, the more realistic it becomes.

    Experiment, remember sounds, modify them (make them go slower, faster, louder, etc.) or create sounds you’ve never heard.

    Of course you can do it with hypnosis. During hypnosis you can induce hallucinations.

    Hope that helps ;)

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