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How Can you tell memory from imagination, when it important?

December 20, 2013 by relax  
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Question by NONAME: How Can you tell memory from imagination, when it important?
Need to remember something and ive thought about it for months hard and i looked online at self hypnosis and tried to do it and Now i dont know if what i think in my head is memory or imagination? Cant Sleep good becase i dont know. HELP ITS IMPORTANT!!!!

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Answer by Sam
Stop thinking about it. Busy yourself with something else. Then it will probably pop right into your head.

I hate it when that happens. I try to remember someone’s name and then get busy with stuff. Then about four in the moring I sit straight up in bed and yell “Oh yeah! It’s (insert name)!!”

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One Response to “How Can you tell memory from imagination, when it important?”
  1. rustynail says:

    I agree with Sam. I have often gone ot bed thinking about something which I could not answer during the day and during the night the answer would come to me. (when i was in school maths problems would be solved which was great as i was not so good at it.)

    Its like your brain is working in the background and provides the answer when you least expect it.

    If you torture yourself trying to remember something you have really forgotten you may imagine a memory that was never there.

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