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How do I get rid of road hypnosis?

July 18, 2011 by relax  
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Question by J W: How do I get rid of road hypnosis?
I’ll be driving over 3,000 miles in as little time as possible. How do I get rid of my road hypnosis?

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Answer by omen
I suffer from the same problem! I never quite figured out what sets it off but as a teenager driving 2 hours to my girlfriends house I would periodically doze off, especially at night and when I hadn’t rested enough before an early morning drive, but it was not limited to those. Strangely loud music doesn’t always work- in fact sometimes it makes me feel worse! My eyes give me problems and seem to close on their own but mainly in stretches of highway with no city and little traffic.

Two friends recently accompanied me from Florida to California and we made the trip in 43 hours, only stopping to switch drivers and grab gas/food, usually all at the same time. We each drove 4-5 hours at a time. The driver would then move to the passenger seat to co-pilot (navigate and keep the driver company), the previous co-pilot would go to the back seat to sleep 4 hours, and the previous sleeper would drive. I never once dozed off at the wheel.

It has been my experience that the Best cure by far is to simply have a friend with you to keep you company. That is the only thing that works for me.

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One Response to “How do I get rid of road hypnosis?”
  1. Sadhara Satguru says:


    This is a natural form of hypnosis, & also a state in which you are safe as it means that the subconscious mind has stepped in while your conscious mind has gotten board of the driving routine.

    Maybe the only way is to have distractions or take regular breaks.


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