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How Do I Learn Hypnosis For Free

February 27, 2011 by relax  
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A lot of people have been suffering from stress or anxiety recently, especially with the current economic environment, and they want to find a way to relax without spending too much of their time and money. Self hypnosis relaxation techniques are the answer to this dilemma. It can be performed easily with no cost at all.

First, you have to set aside at least thirty minutes and up to an hour of your time where you will be undisturbed. Then, look for a nice and clean place to relax and check if the room is set at a comfortable temperature. You may light a few candles with your preferred scent. Next, choose the most comfortable position for you, either you can sit down or lay down during the hypnosis procedure. Always make sure that you are not crossing your legs during the hypnosis relaxation process.

While closing your eyes, you may now sit or lie down. Take some slow, deep and soothing breaths as you inhale air from your nose and exhale them through your mouth. Mentally, remember the “relax” word every time you inhale and exhale.

Another way to achieve relaxation is by imagining yourself at the bottom of stairs with a doorway at the top. As you climb up the stairs, you will feel relaxed. First timers may find this method difficult but once they have mastered it, they can achieve relaxation.

When you have reached the top, open the door that leads to a place of relaxation. It can be a castle, a garden, a beach or any place that can be relaxing to you. Once you have reached your “Happy Place”, your stress and anxiety will be relieved.

You do not have to perform this process everyday, but being able to relax for a long time using self relaxation hypnosis is enough to relieve your stress and anxiety.

Also remember that if you have a relaxation session planned and you have to miss it, do not worry about, this will only make you more stressed, forget about it and wait for the next one.

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