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How do i put someone in a hypnotic trance?

April 14, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Valo: How do i put someone in a hypnotic trance?
I really am interested in hypnosis but I cant seem to get them in a trance as in a instant induction. Any points, tips and anything else would be helpful.
And yes, you can.

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Answer by darlarepublic
Uh you don’t. That’s so mean unless you have their permission.

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5 Responses to “How do i put someone in a hypnotic trance?”
  1. cubby says:

    ever heard of G.H.B? if not ask around…

  2. belladonna1386 says:

    that sounds creepy.

  3. Ice_Man_VL says:

    I would have to say take a class in it. Several coleges offer it.

  4. amberlina says:


  5. Tom R says:

    You may wish to read the books by Milton Erickson m.d. he describes the handshake induction. I learned it some thirty years ago and it is marvelous. I also give my clients a suggestion to enter deep trance in various ways during their second or third appointment. Yes it works and saves a lot of time.
    First and foremost go to a good school ( no Cd’s.books or deep dark secrets of the world of hypnosis. I went to the Goodman institute and the University of Chicago. fifty some years ago. It took many weeks,months etc. to finish the class work alone.
    You may be getting them in a trance but it is so light that you can not recognize it. You need to know the difference between induction, deepening and maintaining a trance before you place anyone in a trance. If you do not return a person to full waking consciousness and they are in an accident guess who gets to pay some very large liability awards. You are not 18 yet! I hope your parents are very wealthy. They may be paying several million in lawyers fees alone… If you think I am kidding talk to any lawyer.

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