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How do the effects of hypnosis differ from the effects of drugs?

May 13, 2014 by relax  
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Question by Bryan: How do the effects of hypnosis differ from the effects of drugs?
Both hypnosis and drugs are known for making people do things that they would not normally do otherwise. However, hypnosis and drugs are two different mechanisms, so how do the effects differ?

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Answer by el diablo
Hypnosis has no physical side affects. You also cannot be addicted to hypnotism. You can rape people with both drugs and hypnotism though.

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4 Responses to “How do the effects of hypnosis differ from the effects of drugs?”
  1. TheWhiteEasyChair says:

    A pharmacologist or a psychiatrist would know the answer, and give you exactly what you need to know.

    Drugs can be temporary or permanent (does that not scare you?), while hypnosis can manifest itself in the psyche but can be (generally) dismissed.

    An excellent movie on the subject is
    The Manchurian Candidate.’ Rent that! Excellent beyond words.

  2. insecure420 says:

    IMO , hypnosis is a crock of bull. That’s psychology. Drugs make your synapsis conduct electricity slower therfore stalled speech and dumb . Research it and try pot a few times, then go get hypnotized. You will see hypnosis is matter of mind power. Drugs affect you even if you resist

  3. Feavery says:

    Ok lets get straight down to it. Hypnosis is not a dangerous paranormal phenomena. It is a tool for utilising the conscious and sub conscious mind. Stage hypnosis only give the appearance of making people do things against their will because they volunteered. They in effect have already agreed to act up. The hypnosis intensified that. You cannot hypnotise someone to act against their own will, it simply will not work. Hence you cannot induce someone to do something criminal. Drug inducement and reaction are a physical reaction within the brain causing the person to lose their normal base. The best example of that is alcohol. Drug induced mechanisms are potentially harmful as the patient is in effect out of control, however, hypnosis is only as powerful as the patient wills it to be. Hypnosis is real, just not black magic. Drug reactions are also real and at times deadly.

  4. Heidi Graham says:

    Check out the video below. It’s about a man who hypnotize people to give him money. It came out on the news. The video has some good info on hypnosis.

    Enjoy and good luck.

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