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How do you deal with the past if you can’t remember it?

November 18, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Precious to Jesus: How do you deal with the past if you can’t remember it?
I have a few memories from childhood that are just weird. Like why would I remember that? When it comes to the important stuff, the stuff that contributes to how I developed emotionally, I don’t remember much. Unintentionally I disconnected and probably repressed a lot. How do you deal with baggage that you don’t remember? I refuse to subject myself to hypnosis and have asked myself many questions but haven’t gotten anywhere.

Please don’t answer unless you have some insight into this or at least a really good guess that makes sense.

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Answer by redblade20xx
Find out those answers from another person who was there and deal with it then.

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3 Responses to “How do you deal with the past if you can’t remember it?”
  1. Life Is Good says:

    The best advice I can give you is to talk with a counselor. You don’t want to do hypnotherapy, but you could still just talk about the feelings you have. Maybe he or she could help you get past these feelings so you can move on, without having to make you remember past life experiences.

  2. camper321 says:

    If you are having odd memories there is probably something there that will be difficult to deal with. But your statements don’t really make sense. How would you know if you unintentionally repressed and that you have baggage? Some of the terminology you use is therapy-talk. I suspect you have already been to a therapist who got through a little bit and then it became too painful and you shut down and refused anymore help. The only way to get through this is to go all the way with professional help. Asking yourself questions won’t work because you’ll shut it down the minute true memories emerge. Don’t open the past up unless you have help getting through it and come out safely on the other side.

  3. Dr. Bob says:

    If you can’t remember your past, you may be doomed to repeat it. That is, without some memory of what led you to become the person you are, you may have to go through the same experiences in later life in order to arrive at where you are today.

    I’m curious why you take such a strong stand against hypnosis to remember some of your childhood past. It is a good approach and fits exactly what you say you need.

    I’d say you have not repressed a lot…you have chosen not to remember a lot, for whatever reasons you have. Repression is an out-moded Freudian idea from the years he was thrilled by the Steam Engine as an analogy for the mind!

    If you want another way to look at your past, check out my web site at and click on LEAP. That will take you to the ten patterns we all create as children to manage our lives. (And, by the way, continue to use for the rest of our lives until we revise them for adult living.)

    Look them over one at a time and use them to organize your thinking about yourself and your childhood. I hope it helps. — Dr. Bob, Adlerian Psychologist

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