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How does hypnosis meditation help cancer?

October 13, 2013 by relax  
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Question by James: How does hypnosis meditation help cancer?
there are doctors now recommending doing hypnosis and meditation. I even heard that meditation can kill cancer

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Answer by zh z
it doesnt they lied to make you feel better… people think they help, but it is not clinically proven so dont trust it

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3 Responses to “How does hypnosis meditation help cancer?”
  1. B says:

    No it cannot cure cancer. It can reduce pain.

  2. A Unique Mind says:

    It helps because consciousness affects reality, more so than scientists recognize at this stage. There is evidence supporting it already with experiments involving quantum mechanics & how the brain/nervous system works. It has already been proven that when you visualize something it can make the manifestation of the visualization come about more easily/efficiently. Imagining the performance of a skill will activate almost the exact same neural pathways as actually performing it, so that you can better at something purely by visualization. The more this happens the easier it gets in time until it becomes like second nature to you. Some of the best athletes in the world do this.

    And so you can apply this to anything- sport, health, wealth etc. In the case of cancer you can visualize white blood cells coming & attacking & overcoming the cancer cells. Preferably doing this in a deep state of mind. There have been tests like this already carried out with some success. You shouldn’t ignore medication, but alternative medicine can be very effective also. Combined they can completely cure cancer. And I don’t give a damn who disagrees with that. In time they will see. It’s called evolution.

    This is just a very simple answer. I’d recommend doing a lot more research on the connection between visualization & the brain.

  3. ristinw says:

    Some people say … when the body is sick it is because the mind is sick first. Before healing the body, healing the mind would be more efficient.

    There is sure a deep connection between the body and the mind. One reflects the other and one can affect the other as well. Meditation helps connect the mind and the body. Hypnosis can alter an individual’s belief. If the mind change…..the body will change!!

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