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How does hypnosis really work?

July 10, 2012 by relax  
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Question by Goldylocks: How does hypnosis really work?
Do you think it is possible to be hypnotized? What are some of the side affects? Does it really work? How?

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Answer by stuckanswers
I have a phobia that I really want to get rid of. Years ago, I went to a phychologist who does hypnosis for such cases. As much as I wanted it to work, I was too aware of what he was doing, I guess. It didn’t work for me, but I can see its potential to work for others.

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4 Responses to “How does hypnosis really work?”
  1. Ozz says:

    Hypnosis is a big fraud. Therefore it is not possible to be hypnotized. However, there is one very serious side effect. After the session the hypnotist will charge you some serious coin for a procedure which does absolutely nothing at all.

  2. sue c says:

    i am having hypnotherpy at the moment for sleeping and depression. iam sleeping much better.and i feel that my depression is getting better, if you can give it a go i found it very good;;;;;;

  3. oilman11977 says:

    I don’t believe it can work for everyone. But given a fair chance it can be great. This article about hypnosis was good

  4. hari_raghav2006 says:

    Hypnosis really works. It depends on the subject’s belief on the hypnotist and surroundings.

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