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How does Hypnosis work?

March 25, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Ryan: How does Hypnosis work?
Can someone please explain to me how hypnosis works?

A guy came and did an act at our school and hypnotized a bunch of my friends and made them do silly things and it was so simple for him to do it..

How could I hypnotize my friend the same way that guy did.. what is the secret or the trick to it?

if there are any books on how to hypnotize others or free websites that you recommend i would really appreciate it


Best answer:

Answer by Theresa
Many people think that hypnosis is magic. However, all it is is a dip into someone’s subconscious mind. Hypnosis can be achieved through self-hypnosis, or hypnosis of others. Some forms of hypnosis are more powerful than others. For example, if you tell yourself over and over again that you aren’t good enough then you will start to believe it. How is this hypnosis? This is hypnosis because every time you tell yourself something, your subconscious mind makes a mental note of yourself. This is suggestive hypnosis(more powerful forms would be sorts of brainwashing).

In order to hypnotize someone and impact them in a strong way, you would have to be certified. Basically, you’d have to take a bunch of classes because hypnosis is a very powerful thing that is hard to learn. However, it is a good thing(usually) because it can help people feel better about themselves and it’s also fun to be hypnotized. Here are some links that explain this better:—How-to-Hypnotize-Someone-Without-Them-Knowing&id=1963209

I hope what I said helped you find what your looking for! good luck =]

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One Response to “How does Hypnosis work?”
  1. David says:

    Read wide and deep, listen to audios, and if you still want to, take some real life training. What you saw might have looked easy but behind the scenes there is a lot of learning and skill going on there.

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