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How effective is hypnosis?

July 25, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Julie C: How effective is hypnosis?
I have been thinking about using hypnosis to make myself more confident and outgoing in the business world. I have been placed into the position of marketing/advertising with my family’s business but I don’t seem to be outgoing enough.

How does hypnosis work? Do I bring a list of desired attributes to the session so I can be programmed? Does hypnosis really work – like you see on TV, in one session?

Or, do you suggest that I just “get out there” and gain social skills by experience?

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Answer by peggy m
I tried hypnosis a couple times. What can I say? I thought I was desperate. Didn’t work for me. The therapist said it was because I was not “open” to suggestion. In other words, it will only work if you have convinced yourself BEFORE hand that it will work. I ended up just getting out there and doing it. I have had to change the way my mind was set. See things in a different light and basically change my thought process from always going negative to either going positive or staying neutral.

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2 Responses to “How effective is hypnosis?”
  1. Fred V says:

    Depends on the hypnotist and the subject. I once witnessed a live demonstration of a Dentist who performed a root canal without any anesthesia on a patient under hypnosis! Quite a few hypnotists out there are quacks, crackpots and con-artists. I myself have never been hypnotized. However, hypnosis to make you more outgoing? Questionable, but may be possible. I think I’d try some other way, like morning affirmations “Today, I will be friendly, outgoing, extroverted and all shyness will vanish like a puff of smoke” To some extent this is not unlike self-hypnosis, and it can work, and is totally FREE. [Better if repeated the night before just while going to sleep and in a relaxed state.]

  2. monarch butterfly says:

    “Fred V” is right. Whether or not hypnosis works and how well it works, when it does, are strictly relevant to the skill and creative awareness of the hypnotist. A hypnptized subject (person) is like a computer in programming mode – gi-go (garbage in – garbage out) or useful info in = useful info out.
    If the hypnotist knows just how to word the suggestion(s) to get the desired result, then it will be most likely to succeed. If he/she does NOT know the right combination of words (“programming commands”) then your experience will be more like “peggy m”s – unsuccessful.

    As for “How does hypnosis work?” It helps to understand at least a little about the difference between conscious and sub-conscious. Imagine a computer screen that shows a series of questions with a space after each one to fill in the answer.
    The first one says “NAME” followed by a space to type your name. The next says “PHONE NUMBER” followed by a space to type your phone number, etc.
    The cursor appears in the box following “NAME” first. You type your name, hit the “Tab” key and it jumps to the box behind “PHONE NUMBER”.
    Maybe you don’t want to give your phone number, you would rather put in your e-mail address. You try to type in your e-mail address, but the box is set up to only accept the layout of numerical digits that comprise a phone number, so it repeatedly rejects your attempts to put anything else in that space. It will accept ANY combination of numbers if they are presented in the correct format, but it will NOT accept anything else.
    You think that maybe if you could change the words “PHONE NUMBER” to “E-MAIL” you could get it to accept your e-mail address instead, but no matter WHAT keys you hit or WHAT you do, the cursor will NOT appear anywhere BUT inside those little answer-boxes, and will NOT influence or affect what is outside of them in ANY way.

    Okay, for purposes of this “discussion” of the workings of hypnosis, think of the little answer boxes as your conscious mind and the labels outside them as your sub-conscious mind. While all YOU can do is skip your cursor from one little answer-box to another, a trained, professional programmer can access the right parameters to change “PHONE NUMBER” to “E-MAIL” (or anthing else you might want it to read) and program the answer-box to accept ANY combination of letters and numbers in any format.

    And, of course, “hypnosis” is the mind’s “programming mode” and THAT is EXACTLY what the trained, professional hypnotist accesses and that is what he/she does for you with your subconscious mind.
    But, again, the level of success depends on the level of the hypnotist’s skill. If the programmer who is trying to change the computer screen for you is a poor speller, not up on word usages or prone to typos, you might end up with it saying “E-MALE”, “E-MAOL”, or E-MAUL” instead of “E-MAIL”.

    Bringing a list of what you want to accomplish is certainly not a bad idea. It will help the hypnotist to figure out his/her programming strategy.
    However, it cannot hurt to ALSO work on these characteristics and attributes, yourself.
    I think BOTH would help.

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