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How much would a legit Darkrai be worth?

December 16, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Anonymous: How much would a legit Darkrai be worth?
I got one.

Name and OT in Japanese.
from Pokemon movie 07.
met at lvl 50.
holding Egima berry.
attacks : Special Rend, Roar of time, Hypnosis, (and nightmare I think.)

And if I ever decide to trade it I need to know what it is worth. I might just breed it with my Ditto using a breeding hack and give the eggs away =) but that will only happen when this stupid router gets installed!
It also came with a special commemorative ribbon

Quirky nature

All Darkrai’s say “apparently had a fateful encouter at Lv. 50.”

Best answer:

Answer by hammershark350
a darkrai is a legendary so its basicaly worth a mewtwo or starter.
i hav a mewtwo & blaziken (blaziken lv100) im willing to trade 4 it.
my name is JAVAN (all capitals) and my friend code is 1117 7631 8166
wats urs?

i hav my blaziken in pokemon emerald so i can clone it i would be willing to giv any number of blazikens (lv.100) 4 darkrai.

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One Response to “How much would a legit Darkrai be worth?”
  1. says:

    it’s worth an insane amount those things are really rare if i were you i wouldn’t trade it for anything or if you do make sure it’s alot more than just a legendary or a starter come to think of it there are probbaly only about 1000 of them in the entire world makign them very hard to come by

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