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How to catch the three legendary dogs in Pokemon Heartgold?

December 6, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Jack: How to catch the three legendary dogs in Pokemon Heartgold?
I recentally restarted my Pokemon Heartgold game and am at the part where you have to catch Raiku, Suicune, and Entai. I ran into Raiku and he fled. I ran into Entai and used hypnosis to make it fall asleep. Then it fled. How do I catch it? (Please don’t say Master Ball)

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Answer by Steven La
To catch Raikou and Entei, get a Pokemon around their level with Mean Look, Block, or Spider Web and use it on them. then lower their health to the red or yellow zone and try to catch them. For Suicune, you need to find it all over the Johto and Kanto regions. Once you have found it at all the locations go to Route 25 which is north of Cerulean City in the Kanto Region. Unlike Raikou and Entei, it wont flee from the battle. If you accidentally got it to faint, don’t worry. It will respawn at the Burned Tower in the Johto Region. I hope this helped!.

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2 Responses to “How to catch the three legendary dogs in Pokemon Heartgold?”
  1. Roy-Chibi says:

    Raikou and Entei are the runners. They run, even if you give them a status, like Sleep. First, you should just whittle down their HP until they’re in the red.

    During this, you should seek out the Yellow Apricorns. If you give those to Kurt, he’ll make you the Speed/Fast Balls that work well on Pokemon that “run” like the two beasts and Latias, in your version.

    It’s annoying to get them on the route you want them to be, since they change routes when you walk into another route or city. The funny thing is, if you go into a city gate (where it goes from the route into the new city) the Pokemon “freezes” on the same route they’re on, so you can keep them on a specific route. Route 36-37, (from the sign) and from Route 37 to Ecruteak City are good “run in and out” places to force them onto one of those routes.

    Another method, is to save, then reset your game (L+R+Start+Select button combination) and return to your file. When you open the map, the legendary dogs will be in a different location than before you saved and reset. Sometimes, they’ll be on the route you’re in, and just use Max/Super Repel and find them. If they’re not on there, just repeat moving through routes or reseting the game until they are, and just take their HP down, little by little.

    It’s tedious but an assured plan.

    If you have a Pokemon with False Swipe, that’s another method to use as well. Or, if a Pokemon has Block or Mean Look or the Arena Trap ability, you can prevent them from running off and fight them. Remember; try using the Fast Balls, too!

    Good luck to you!

  2. Mountain wolf says:

    You could go the longer way which is going in the blades of grass or on water (not in caves) and trying to catch them without a master ball and here’s something that might help you: In your pokegear there’s a map and on the map Raikou and Entei’s faces are somewhere on it. That’s where they currently are and where you will find them. But be warned, they will change areas whenever you go in or out of a city, town, or route.
    There is also another way where you use a pokemon with a higher speed than Raikou and Entei and prevent them from running away by using mean look or block, then catching them like you would normally catch any pokemon. BUT MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LOT OF POKEBALLS IN YOUR BAG. You definitely don’t want to run out!

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