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how to go to dinner with someone when you can only eat certain foods?

November 6, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Christopher: how to go to dinner with someone when you can only eat certain foods?
I’m 15 and I was planning to go to dinner with this girl I like, but my only problem is that I’m a very picky eater. Don’t like Chinese food or Mexican food, even some American food, fruit, vegetables. Do I need hypnosis or something to over come this? I’ve tried to get over this for years but I can’t.
Can someone help please?

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Answer by I Am Who I Am
hey eat like a man. girls love men that eat a lot. lol as i know of. if you are the one planning but not the girl, take her somewhere else where no chinese or mexican food are sold.

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8 Responses to “how to go to dinner with someone when you can only eat certain foods?”
  1. jayan says:

    This is not a serious problem. Just ask her what she like and order that and if you cannot afford your girlfriends order just order yourself what you like or you can opt some drinks or beverage. You can find a long menu in good restaurant.

  2. barbara says:

    Just recently I was reading that extremely picky eating is now classified as an eating disorder. Perhaps counseling with a therapist experienced in that area could help.
    She may understand if you’re honest with her, but I have to be straight up with you-it would turn me off. I like a person to eat a balanced diet-even if there are types of foods they don’t like, a man has to eat some fruit and veggies for me to respect him.

  3. Harris Alan says:

    Tell her the fact and choose what you like, she would know that sooner or later.

  4. Chandra says:


    If you are choosy while eating. You have to change your habit. Because everywhere we go we don’t have our choice of food. So we have to be comfortable. You need to be daring to taste new flavors and dishes by time. Be strong and start eating with positive attitude thinking that the dish may be really delicious. When you transmit the positive message to your brain, then your sense will feel accordingly. And I am pretty sure that this way you will over come with your habit.


  5. Merry Meri says:

    You’re only 15; it’s not too late. Learn to eat all that variety of food available in this world, boy.

    I think a man who doesn’t eat spicy food unexciting. I think a man who doesn’t eat sushi unadventurous.

    Going out for a meal with you would be boring, a drag.

  6. Stuart says:

    The fact that you’re asking the question indicates that you know you have a problem. The fact is: good food tastes good. My mother is a terrible cook, and I thought food was pretty bad stuff. When I left home I tried everything I found and now eat anything and everything. Trying things is the first step. Start small and grow from there.

    But you’ve got to try: boring eaters are boring people.

  7. ananymous says:

    a lot of restaurants have menus online. look up the menu before you go to see if there is anything you might like. maybe a steak or a pasta dish? then you know that there will something you can order. but let her order whatever she likes, and taste something new while you’re out.
    my brother did this. he found a restaurant online, ordered fettucini alfredo on his date, and ended up marrying his girlfriend.

  8. punchie says:

    I don’t think that therapy or hypnosis is what you need. I think that first of all you need to relax. Anytime you enter into something with a negative attitude you get a negative result. The fact that you want to overcome this is actually very positive. My suggestion is this…adhere to the “One Bite Rule”. This rule is what my friend uses with her kids. Before you can say, “I don’t like this or that” you must try at the very least one full bite of the dish/food item you think (and most likely psyched yourself out into thinking you won’t like it) you don’t like. If the item is not to your liking then cross it off your list of foods you’ve tried and now can rule out. One caveat though…ultimately if you grow up to be a man with the eating habits of a child (and you make a big deal out of it by whining about it or complaining) then you will be a “marked” man. :) Seriously, as an adult you want to be considered well rounded in most matters in life. That doesn’t mean that you have to like everything you eat by any means. But if you act like a child, then you are looked down upon and in various ways treated with a slight disregard or worse yet like a child. Example: My cousin’s husband eats like a child… a very picky eater that won’t even try things. We are an Asian American family…food is more than food…it is very much a part of our culture from start to finish. It embodies familial, social, cultural and traditional aspects. By not even taking part in a mere sample is fairly disrespectful in many ways.

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