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How To Seduce Women Through Hypnosis

May 12, 2010 by relax  
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This gem comes from my DVD of the Found Footage Festival volume 2, that I purchased recently. I just love what these guys do. There’s really nothing I can say that can do the following clip any justice…One word of warning though, it’s a little more risque than what I’ve uploaded before, so keep the kiddies away from this one.

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25 Responses to “How To Seduce Women Through Hypnosis”
  1. sharafudin2 says:


  2. deathwish01b says:

    Wow, it’s like Mystery Science Theater 3000, only the commentators are even more annoying. Somebody please find the un-talked-over version?

  3. PennyDropper says:

    hahahaha, what a load of crap. LOL! I mean you can do this but not like this.

  4. CaraPhilos says:

    This is really disgusting misuse of the word hypnosis. And of course it is faked. Poor guys who think they would need methods like this…

  5. timothyjcarr says:

    that is my uncle steven.. i swear to god.

  6. bLaCkAcEBB says:

    She really lovin that stutue

  7. alphakiddie says:

    its funny as a comedy..anyone that would do this is a fuckin fag

  8. ybunnygurl says:

    lol, this is just too funny.

  9. feetforeveryone says:


  10. dillfly2000 says:

    Great Video, Thumbs up.

    The Art Of Covert Hypnosis home study course teaches you how to apply covert hypnosis in just about any interpersonal setting.

    check it out here: bit(dot)ly/cJaTZI

  11. stupid4444 says:


  12. 4mAALIKcHIN4 says:

    When she started imagining the things he was telling her too, she started showing the signs of horniness. When she did this i got so fucking hard.

  13. DirtyCommunist says:

    I wish every time I had sex, that corny Success Music at the end would start playing for me too.

  14. smileyfunk22 says:

    @8sasuke8lp8remix8 it probably is. xD

  15. SharadVNathan says:


  16. ThePunisher645 says:

    lol, rape xD

  17. SteinBach89 says:

    @omegassault its obviously not a real video i know that you fuck!

  18. easyaspieify says:

    1.2 mil views lol

  19. bulbinking says:


    ohhh brenda

  20. LoveHeartIce says:

    great so how do u seduce a man????

  21. omegassault says:

    it didn’t work idiot it was a dramatization

  22. omegassault says:

    you’re bedroom already! on top of her! fuck her already you dumbfuck!

  23. SteinBach89 says:

    i can’t believe that actually worked.

  24. blueballoon110 says:

    i take the girls rock climbing :)

  25. persefffony says:

    o snap, this is … special.

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