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How to Stop Smoking Using Hypnosis

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Hypnosis or hypnotherapy can be used as a positive method to stop smoking. Everyone has been talking about this method as the main instrument to get smokers to stop their habit. Anyone who has quit smoking, or is in the process of quitting, will tell you that it can become rather difficult to do so. However, with the help of hypnotic programs to stop smoking, the process can become a bit easier.

There are many programs available to stop smoking using hypnosis. One so called course ‘10 Steps to Non-smoking’ is a good example. This program contains crafty and effective psychological approaches that can help you overcome your nicotine cravings.

A number of therapists are also available for sessions on quitting smoking. A consultation with a certified hypnotherapist will mostly delve into some information on your reasons for quitting smoking. These sessions generally include hypnosis therapy techniques as well as suggestions and positive affirmations. You may also come away with a CD that may be used to reinforce the suggestions made during that session.

You may also opt to try self-hypnosis to stop smoking. This method involves relaxing yourself and guiding yourself through mental images that can make you quit smoking faster. One downside to this program is that it requires a lot of time and practice.

A combination of self hypnosis and sessions with a hypnotherapist may also be used. You can use a recorded hypnosis program produced by professionals at your own home. This is relatively less expensive compared to visiting a certified hypnotherapist; this also provides a range of flexibility to your efforts to stop smoking through hypnosis.

Before going into any of these sessions, you may ask yourself – Does stopping smoking through hypnosis really work? Yes it does. Numerous studies have shown that the use of hypnotic therapy to stop smoking works with a success rate of up to 66%. Although hypnosis is not for everyone, it can greatly help in alleviating stress which is one of the main factors reported by smokers as a their reason for smoking.

Hypnotic therapy for stopping smoking provides benefits such as (a) reduced stress, (b) learning techniques to reduce stress, and (c) causing a positive change in the individual’s attitude towards smoking thereby contributing to the elimination of the smoking habit.

With the positive effects of hypnosis for quitting smoking, you should go and give it a try. If you find that hypnosis does not work for you, you can at least get the benefit of reducing your stress levels and giving yourself the opportunity and the time to relax.

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