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Question by DikkiJones: Hypnosis…?
Ok this is sort of a strange question but, I was just wondering if hypnosis actually works. I’m talking about the kind that’s supposed to help people break bad habits (e.g. smoking). Has anyone ever been hypnotized for this purpose? Did it actually work, or at least help? Thanks.
Actually, my problem is not smoking, it was just an example.
I have an incredibly terrible nervous habit of picking at my face, and I’m constantly trying to stop but it’s something that I usually do without even thinking about.

Thanks for all the really great answers though. I may try it.

Best answer:

Answer by mamatao
Yes…When I was a kid I had to learn to swallow correctly. The therapist used a form of self hypnosis. One of the exercises was for me to tell myself in my head over and over what time I wanted to wake up. After a couple of days, it never failed. If I said 5:00 I would wake up at 5:00 (give or take a couple of minutes). For reals, I’m not kidding. If you really want to do it, you can.

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14 Responses to “Hypnosis…?”
  1. K says:

    Hypnosis is guided relaxation. Those most susceptible to its benefits are deemed predominantly artistic versus analytical. It HAS been successful for many people and is used to combat an array of problems, such as smoking.

  2. humorme! says:

    I have always wanted to know. I just called the habit institute the other day and set and appt. for next month. its hypnosis and then some new laser ear technique, and 2 follow up sessions if you feel like you need it. he said you quit right away with no side effects, or cravings and they have an 80% success rate. the best part. its only 300 bucks. cheap compared to the price of smokes.

  3. Leslie says:

    hypnosis works on some people however it does wear off. Its the power of suggestion.

  4. pookie says:

    YES!!!!! my friend quit smoking and never started again…it costs a bit though…check around first…

  5. Veda says:

    It works . You can also practice self hypnosis and achieve results . It might be best to go to a hypnotist the first time to develop the proper technique ; but it is not absolutely necessary . There are some good self-hypnosis tapes , which cover many different categories and can be used for everything from overcoming a bad habit -to achieving success or even passing a test .

  6. internetoptimiser says:

    You can download a free hypnosis trance MP3 and try it for yourself from -

  7. audrey hempburn says:

    hypnosis is based on the study of human behaviour. and it is surprisingly easy to apply actually. whether it works for you or not is merely up to the personnel that treats you. i have my personal experience that i turned just-met-person’s arm into a stone. i was the most surprised one among them.

  8. stick says:

    “Gosh DikkiJones, hypnosis is just strong and recurrent suggestion. It is a method, whereby most of us learned our lessions during school days. We, literally, studied lessons over and over … hypnotising ourselves with the perceived answers until we learned them.
    Some people have better results hypnotising themselves, some get best results if hypnotised by others.
    It appears that, if one is very relaxed and unhurried, experiencing no pains or distractions, hypnosis can have it’s best effects.
    La Cron has written some good books illustrating the best of methods and practice of hypnosis. It’s always good to consult a real professional.
    Testimonial: I beat the habit of smoking … in a hurry. I did much better at my school work in college. I discontinued my alcohol consumption. I pay much closer and better attention to details. I feel much more, and better, control of myself and others. It turned out to be easier than I thought it would.”

  9. I would say says:

    Yes it work…well on some but not as wll on others and it needs refreshing on those it does work on at times

  10. cristanine says:

    solution is very simple…get on Xanax and that will solve that!

  11. hpnotst says:

    Hypnosis will help. The key is in what you provided in the additional detail You are dealing with something that you don’t even think about. It is a subconscious reaction. Something is triggering this behaviour.

    Hypnotherapy I think woud be helpful for what you are describing. First, I believe that it is a good way to help you discover what is going on that behind this habit. It may be something simple and maybe something that has evolved over a period of time. Second I think hypnosis may be helpful in finding an alternative solution. It might be to take a deep breath and relax rather than picking at something. The idea is to switch one behaviour for another. Third, it might also be appropriate to have you reframe this. Hypnosis is a great tool for help you think about whatever is triggering the behaviour differently or helping you view the behaviour different. Sometimes by thinking about what you are doing in a different prespective, you can alter the behaviour. It won’t provide that same relief that it is now. For whatever reason, your current habit is providing some outlet or comfort for something.

    Let me back up one step further to give you a better answer. Your question was does hypnosis work. Hypnosis or lets call it trance like behaviour is a natural condition. Ever daydream? Get lost in a good book or a movie and tune the world out. You are using something a bit more structured to get to the same type of state. You are just adding structure and a word to something that you are already doing. In guiding this natural state, we are able to access more of the subconscious. That part of the mind where many automatice functions happen. Now my discription is not going to be precise because we are dealing with an intangible. It is something that has no shape or feel to it but we just “know” it is there. We are able to use this thing to help change habits or the way we think about things. Hypnosis is not a magic wand and there will be work required. I think of it as a tool to help speed up the process.

  12. heyrobo says:

    I’m a psychologist who occasionally uses hypnosis with those patients who can benefit from it. Specifically, those with behavioral type of situations that can be changed if they are motivated. That’s the key–they need to do the work after the hypnosis is performed. Hypnosis isn’t magic–it’s something we all go thorugh every night when going to sleep–we just stay in it longer when we’re hypnotized.

  13. lynn m says:

    I use self hypnosis and it does help. I have been doing it for years. It has helped me with many things. Losing weight, helping me fall asleep, and stress.

  14. Panther says:

    Hmm, it didnt work for me.

    I had to quit smoking due to lung problems, I have now but before I did my Mum tried everything for me, including forking out £250 for a 1 hour super session, rubbish, ok, so i didnt smoke for 27hrs, after that it all went pear shaped.

    So its a big no from me!

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