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June 20, 2011 by relax  
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Question by La Mexicana… icon wink hypnosis...? : hypnosis…?
so i always wondered how this worked. is it really true that people can be hypnotized, or is it just a fake trick? and are the hypnotists people who just got interested in magic and they learned it by them selfs or did they search for “help”?

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Answer by irish genius (formerly mythbuste
i think its a trick, i sen darren brown doing it to thT GUY FORM LITTLE BRITAIN AND he just walked up to him and clicked his fingerd and that supposidly hypnotised them!!

what a load of bull!

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4 Responses to “hypnosis…?”
  1. queen462606 says:

    I think it’s real. I don’t know if its like they show in the movies, but I do believe in hypnosis. I think its a state of mind, or lack there of. When you completely clear your head, and focus on a single object or thought, that you become entranced, and your not thinking about anything, even the focus point itself, then you are hypnotized. I have stared at a single street lamp in the middle of the night, and become so focused on it that every thing else seems to fade away into the back ground. It gets blurry at first but after a few seconds all I can see it that light, and nothing distracts me. But that’s just my opinion.

  2. Sophie says:

    Hey there,

    I know for a fact that hypnosis is real but it has many criticisms and varies from person to person. Sigmund Freud used hypnosis on many of his patience but found that hypnosis only works on those who are willing to submit to it. Many people find that it does not work due to their resistance towards it (may be subconscious or not). People don’t like feeling vulnerable which is why hypnosis is not something that happens for everyone who tries it. I am not quite sure how hyponosis works but I know that many psychologists, psychiatrists and even jury trials use hypnosis as an attempt to get the “truth” out of people. Unfortunately research has shown that those under hypnosis are likely to remember details or events incorrectly not intentionally but they seem to be convinced of certain details which did not happen. This also has something to do with schemata and memory.

  3. robert_w_gaines says:

    Hypnosis is both a legitimate therapeutic treatment and a form of entertainment. Derren Brown for instance is an entertainer. Milton Erickson however was a serious practicioner of hypnosis from a medical standpoint. He passed away many years ago but read his book “My Voice Will Go With You”.

    Copies of the book are cheap. By the way, Penn and Teller and the team at Mythbusters both claim to have debunked hypnosis. But… since I had a dental procedure with no painkiller, under the influence of hypnosis, I beg to differ.

    Sometimes entertainers and unethical people claiming to practice hypnosis make outrageous claims and that hurts the credibility of real professionals.

  4. professionaleccentric says:

    Sometimes it’s a fake trick and sometimes not.

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