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Question by Mz. LolliePoP: Hypnosis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Has anyone out there ever went under to lose weight or etc. Just wanted to know does it really work. Can it really help you? Or have been hypnotized for anything.

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Answer by DTB
It’s totally fake.


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13 Responses to “Hypnosis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?”
  1. craftyjem719 says:

    I guess you have to have a type of personality that is open to suggestion, if you are it can work, I’ve know people it has especially for smoking and some it hasn’t

  2. FoundNemo says:

    i don’t think so. like those people on tv who fall back when a priest touches their heads are a bunch of phonies

  3. dathinman8 says:

    Yes…. and it will work for a lot of people. I used it for quitting smoking. It worked well for me.

  4. Juan Pablo Robles says:

    My mom did, and certainly haven’t stop smoking, i its probably all fake.

  5. d4naa says:

    It all depends on how vulnerable to hypnosis you are. For some people, it works really well, and for others it doesnt work at all. There is one for weight loss/smoking by my house and im pretty sure they tell you if it will work for you before you pay. I hope this helps!

  6. Emily Dew says:

    I was hypnotized to quit smoking and it worked. Before that, I had tried to quit smoking on my own and couldn’t handle the psychological withdrawl. After I got hypnotized though, I never had another craving for a cigarette, either physical or psychological. I can be around people who smoke and I don’t feel the urge for a cigarette. It’s like I was never a smoker. I just never think about it. It’s been about 15 years now since I had my last cigarette so I think I can safely say it worked.

  7. mississippi boy says:

    No it does not work cause i have tried that!! so trust me its better to do it on your own…and trust me you can!Thanx

  8. H Vice says:

    I got under hypnosis twice.

    The first time I was an exotic dancer dancing the pole and was a vocal nazi impersinator…wild

    Second time, I was a chinese rapper and smoked mushrooms. Hilarious!!!

    Basically when under hypnosis, you are free of inhbitions. its weird but quite liberating…until you remember what you did and get reminded what you did by a crowd of 120 people.

    You turn red like a tomato


  9. Mary Jane says:

    I don’t agree with the first answer. I suggest you read Emile Coue’s book, like this:

    and try this one too, if you want to lose weight: “Think Thin, Be Thin: 101 Psychological Ways to Lose Weight” –

    I wish you the best!


  10. kirk o says:

    Well first of all, you have to be willing to be hypnotised!! Then you aren’t out of it to the point you don’t know what is going on!!! You just don’t care, kind of like your on a more sober drunk!! I had it done to me and it works and even didn’t feel the pain they induced on me!! I was also the one the same person used to show it is true!! Like I said, YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING!!!! Or it won’t work!!

  11. Dorothy C says:

    I’ve tried hypnosis to quit smoking, it was mass hypnosis not a one on one sesson. It didn’t work for me or my husband and I don’t know about anyone else in that particular class. But I do know a couple of people that it did work for in a one on one sesson.

    I don’t think there is a given for hypnosis. Everyone is different. I think your mental attitude and personality have a lot to do with wheather you can be hypnotized or not. Your subconscious becomes alert and conscious, that’s why people do outrageous things, it’s sort of like getting permission from yourself to act like a fool. On the other, you’re not going to go out and rob a bank unless that quality is already buried within you. But, you become more brazen about the things you hesitate to do in your conscious state.

    If you do get hypnotized you should get a video of’ll probably learn a lot about yourself and be very surprised at yourself too.

    Have fun and I hope it works


  12. mamabear says:

    I am a smoker, and have asked my doctor about hypnotism. She said that they will not do that there. This is a shame, as nicotine replacements nearly killed my brother, and I am truly afraid to try them.

  13. is one thing says:

    I helped my wife with hypnobirthing. She had a natural childbirth with no drugs and no pain. Most amazing thing I ever saw. Check out and read some of the testimonials. I got hypnotized as part of the training. It was interesting. To me it’s just learning to let yourself get really relaxed, like meditation. You can’t be hypnotized if you don’t want to be.

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