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Question by sleepingbeautyofthe9amclass: Hypnosis………?
Anyone ever been hypnotized? What’s it like, and what can I expect if I try it?

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Answer by kc
I have not but my friends were for smoking and it worked for them. I do know that this is something that you have to be “open” to for it to work so if you are, it may work. I would consult a hypnotist to ask about any other questions and make sure you see someone who is reputable or has a money back guarantee or something.

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3 Responses to “Hypnosis………?”
  1. yerialc555 says:

    I was hypnotised for quitting smoking around 3-4 times. You’re totally in control of what is going on, it’s more like a deep deep medition, relaxation. You can hear what is going on but your really in a meditative trance, you can come out of it if you need to. Worked too you just have to go back a couple of times, not everybody is susseptable to it though.

  2. Pheonix says:

    I did self hypnosis and found out that I have been a man in at least 4 different lifetimes (is that why I’m gay!?)…..

    Myths—you are NOT in control…the other person is…

    NOT TRUE! It is like being in your own movie…YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR and in total control. You will do nothing that you wouldn’t normally do while awake!

    I know there are past lives….I went back to 1632 and found out I was John Barker later I found HIS geneology online…there was an actual person living near plymouth colony from 1632-1652 when he died of drowning…his job was a ferryman…very interesting that while I like boating and swimming, I don’t like going underwater or being in deep water.

    Hypnosis is NOTHING to be afraid of. It does take a bit of creativity in that you might be required to visualize things and for some people that is very difficult.

    Again it is NOTHING to be afraid of.

  3. Ranojyoti C says:

    not actualy hipnotized there are many persons lost their scense and became scenseless who tried to make hipnotize other or himself/herself. according to me you can try if you have your scence now before trying it

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