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Question by coltongabert: Hypnosis……….?
Does anyone know a site that can tell me how to see if i can be hypnotized? Provide link

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Answer by mlocke297
There is really no way to tell unless you try it out. I know i can because it happened to me. Yuo have to believe it will work. My senior year of high school we have “Senior Assemblies” while everyone else does the state testing stuff. A hypnotist came in and a bunch of us seniors got on the stage but after he started doing it most people left because eitehr they wouldn’t believe hypnotism works, they didn’t listen to the hypnotist or they just couldnt be hypnotized. that is really the only way to find out is find a professional hypnotist and make a appointment

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  1. greenbox42 says:

    You know that state we’re in when we’re on the verge of sleep? That’s also considered a state of increased susceptibility to suggestion as the conscious critical mind is inhibited. Everyone can be hypnotized to some extent with an estimated 20 percent regarded as highly susceptible to initial induction efforts. So it’s not a matter of if you can be hypnotized but to what extent can you be readily so.

    Usually only those with mental disorders and inability for attention that they are considered refractory.

    The extent in which one can experience hypnosis is not absolute as with conditioning and fractionation the individual can go deeper into more profound trance states.

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