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Question by AlkTrio: hypnosis…?
I am bipolar, and have severe anxiety and a weight problem. i was wanting to get hypnotised, as that is probably my last resort for the anxiety. i am on meds and could not possibly go on any more. i have talked with a few hypnotists in my area, a couple have them said with my history of mental illness, i could not undergo hypnosis or they would not recommend it..does anyone know why this is? or has anyone who has a history of mental illness been hypnotised?

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Answer by wyntur1
do you have a my space? theres a great hypnotherapist and he will answer your q. His name is michael holt or look under doc magi, good luck

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5 Responses to “hypnosis…?”
  1. ani says:

    i’ve heard the same thing. it’s impossible to hypnotize somebody that has more than one personality trait. that is, unless each trait is seen in a session. you’ll have to get hypnotized more than once.

    my bf has it, and we know people in this line of work.

  2. April H says:

    It is because it can make things worse talk to your doctor and have them put you an something different with bi-polar it is trial and error you can try to find some one that does cranial therapy that has worked for my friend you can find them through massage therapists but you need to stay consistent with your meds

  3. professionaleccentric says:

    I think you’ve talked with some bad hypnotists. I know someone who gets EXTENSIVE hypnotherapy for dissociative personality disorder and have heard of lots of people with similar diagnoses who HAVE been hypnotized. The only problem would be if you were unable to respond to the power of suggestion, which wouldn’t necessarily apply just because you’re bipolar.

  4. carpal-tunnel-provider says:

    hmm not sure why..you certainly could try meditation and biofeedback techniques.

  5. Pam R says:

    Hello Katie

    A good hypnotherapist would be likely to say No to you, which is a shame.

    Via hypnosis you enter an altered mental state, which could confuse you more, so it is best left.


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