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Question by Christian K: hypnosis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i want to learn hypnosis FOR FREE if anyone will email me and help me or put the link of an instructional video you know of or have made thank you (i only want to learn how to hypnotize mostly people but cats too)

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Answer by vanessa
Here you go!

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2 Responses to “hypnosis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?”
  1. perplexed_about_you says:

    Well I do not know of any hypnosis site that offer free lesson or training, but I do know of a web site that for a small fee you can learn how to hypnosis. It doesn’t hurt to have a look.

  2. R. Way says:

    Those sites were scarce anyways, but now it’s all for pay, you won’t find a free site that tells you anything. The sites out there tell you what can be done, give a vague outline on a so-called script, but that’s it. But you can learn it from publications, I wasn’t happy with what I could find online, so I went to a few books, and got my information that a way.

    Can it be learned and preformed, yes. After reading the 2 publications I bought, I made the attempt, nerves and all. Playing with waking suggestions, testing her level of suggestibility. She thought it was dumb, I was humored. The first few attempts to trance her failed, but I never gave up, I just found different inductions. I did find one that wasn’t you typical Hollywood style or anything. With in an honest 20 seconds she was there, then the normal routine was taken. But the best way to learn is to take a class on it, which means you have to be a subject too.

    There is a major catch, they have to be willing, there has to be trust, and you can’t make them do anything that their morals won’t let them… but if there is a hint of it in them, they are more willing. So the Hollywood bs you see just doesn’t happen in true life.

    There are various degrees of it out there though, Doms & subs, gender modifications, and other fetishes and what not. I always had an interest in it, and when an issue arose in our relationship it was a means of proving loyalty and commitment. You can be serious with it, or simply playful, you can have them orgasm on command, have things move unconsciously, lock up just the same, the imagination can run ramped. Yes, I have done those with my wife, I’ve trance her in the check out line, in the truck, given her other triggers for a variety of actions, but it’s kept low keyed, just between her and I.

    To be honest, it has brought our tightened our relationship, things are back to the way they should be. Can she stop me, no, because her subconscious doesn’t want to, so she can’t. Early on I’d trance her a multiple of times in a day, like a kid with a new toy, then it became only daily. If not to be playful, to emphasize emotions and sensitivity, or to explore other sceneros. I may have initiated the interest, but she wants it kept alive. She’s also willing and wanting me to expand the interest with yet another person we associate with, it’s easier to do what you desire while in a trance, vs. the conflict of the concious mind.

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