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Question by Remember Vietnam: Hypnosis??
Is “Hypnosis” real? I think it is a load of junk, yet there still are people who claim it’s real…I’m so confused…HELP ME!

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Answer by Anthony C
I think you have it right it is like the wise old china man’s fart n the wind.

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10 Responses to “Hypnosis??”
  1. Frank R says:

    no, its a scam for the weak minded who want to be fooled

  2. B├╝gman says:

    It has a real basis; but that garbage you see on television is not real.

  3. Mommy says:

    It depends, I saw a licensed therapist that was great at it. But then I went to a “hypnotist” at a bar and I can tell you 100% that it was a hoax. In order to be hypnotized you need to totally relax, it needs to be quiet and relaxing. Also it is impossible to loose control of yourself because you are still aware but so deeply relaxed that you are more open. When you come away from it you feel so relaxed and energized at the same time. As if you had the best nights sleep you ever had. It is like meditating but to me it is better. L

  4. says:

    Its real like certain physiologists can hypnotize you and help you recall early memories and other things in the back of your mind. They’ve tried it on me but it doesn’t work but it works on my brother.

  5. robyn says:

    I claim it is real because I have experienced it myself. I was told to remember everything, so I did. You really have to have an open mind for it to work, and it is true that you will not do anything under hypnosis that you would not normally do conscieously.

  6. jazzygirl15 says:

    no, hypnosis is real! It deals with the subconcious part of your brain. It CAN seem like a load of junk because not everyone can be hypnotized. It is a lot of fun to be hypnotized, though! Take a look around this website, whether you believe it or not is up to you.

  7. MM17 says:

    Hypnosis is real and is beneficial if performed by a hypnotist who genuinely wants to help someone. I don’t think people who do it as a parlor trick are serious about it. In order to be placed under hypnosis, you need to be totally relaxed. You must also be able to fully trust the person who is putting you under.

    Personally, I’ve never tried it myself because I’m afraid I might reveal some of my “secrets” to someone else and I’ve protected them for so long, I don’t want them to somehow be unwittingly divulged. There are also fragments of my life I don’t really remember…and I’m not so sure I want to remember it.

  8. soulburner says:

    It is real. not everyone can be hypnotized though.
    My friend and his wife went to see a “dirty” hypnotist and my friends wife got picked to go be hypnotized.he had her thinking that she was naked or something weird.after the show he gave my friend a “password” that would put her in the mood.Knowing that she is kind of a prude,I asked him if it worked,he said without a doubt yes

  9. Guichang L says:

    Actually, anyone can be hypnotized, but only open-minded people can get to a high enough level of suggestibility.

  10. ?pirate? says:


    I bet you didn’t know that you pass through two stages of hypnosis before going to sleep each night. Think of hypnosis as “sub-sleep.” Also, each hour of hypnosis is like eight hours of sleep. I went to a hypnotist show run by a licensed hypnotist, Jimi Gibson, and he told us this information at the show.

    I was hypnotised at the show. So, I CAN tell you that it IS, as a matter of fact, REAL. At the show, there were twenty chairs in a row on stage, and 20 people would volunteer to be hypnotised. I was chosen, and so we all sat in these twenty chairs. All of us were pretty much really nervous because we thought we’d be unable to control ourselves and embarrass ourselves and everything. That’s not how it’s like at all, though. First, for a few minutes, he played this music that is supposed to get in your subconscious and told us things in a really deep, relaxing voice. He said things like, “Breathe in…and out…”, “Just let it go…”, and “You will double your state of relaxation…” My eyes became heavy extremely quickly and then my hands felt heavy, like I’d never want to open my eyes or move my hands.

    So then he told us to sleep. We all laid all over each other, seriously. I didn’t care at all, I just wanted to sleep. But remember it’s not literally sleeping, it’s just laying there with your eyes closed feeling COMPLETELY relaxed. But then he gave us commands, some of them being to lip-sync to a song, do an Irish jig, forget our last names (I SWEAR I REALLY DID), and stuff like that. I actually can’t remember everything we did because he made it so we wouldn’t remember everything. After the show, I was so drowsy, and I was yawning constantly.

    But yeah, I told you that whole story to let you know that it is in fact real. I definitely recommend going to one of those shows and getting hypnotised because it’s so much fun. But remember, the two kinds of people that can’t get hypnotised are those with an IQ of less than about 70 (they can’t concentrate and pay attention enough) and those who are unwilling to get hypnotised. You only get hypnotised if you are willing to focus. I don’t blame you for thinking it’s fake, a lot of people do. ONE girl on the stage did fake it the whole time, but seriously I DID get hypnotised. I bought the DVD of it after and I was so different up there. Well, more outgoing really.

    FAQ: You can get hypnotised if you are in the audience, and so can the people filming the show. The people filming are told not to look directly into the camera while filming.

    I hope I changed your mind, and if not, definitely go to a hypnotist show asap and get hypnotised. Or even watch, it’s a lot of fun.

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