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Question by dottielasvegas: Hypnosis???????????
Has anyone tried hypnosis to help stop smoking or over-eating? Did it help?

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A friend of mine tried hypnosis for smoking and it worked for awhile, but then she picked it right back up about 6 months later.

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4 Responses to “Hypnosis???????????”
  1. mikeyla says:

    i have once when i was drinking to much i went to go and see one and i only have like 1pint a week now it DOES work!

  2. TIMOTHY D L says:

    I knew one person who tried it. He stopped smoking for about a month.

  3. technical difficulties says:

    it’s called the food pyramid, use it.. eat the well balanced diet plan with moderation to fats, sugars and starches… exercise and drink your fluids.

    shakes head.. will folks just stop trying to cut corners? don’t you all know that doing that makes you FATTER?

    eat right, exercise don’t starve, lose weight.. simple as that.

  4. sneakytrickster says:

    i tried paul mckenna’s hypnosis cds to help lose weight. at first i really thought they helped but looking back i don’t think it did a whole lot. the cds are very relaxing though.

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