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Hypnosis and Magic Show in Vegas?

February 20, 2008 by relax  
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hypnosis52 Hypnosis and Magic Show in Vegas?
CJ asked:

Someone told me about a show they really wanted to see when they were in Vegas, but it was sold out when they were there, however, he doesn’t remember the name of the show or where it was held.

It is a hypnosis AND magic show, and the tickets were in the $60 range.

Does anyone know what show it is? I am going to Vegas in a few weeks, and I would like to get my tickets for this show in advance. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “Hypnosis and Magic Show in Vegas?”
  1. jack says:


    There are several “Hypnotists” and a bunch of “Magicians” in LV.

    Hypnotists – Shows
    Anthony Cools
    Scott Lewis
    “Hypnosis Unleashed”

    Magicians – Shows
    Amazing Johnathan
    David Copperfield
    Dixie Dooley
    Lance Burton
    Mac King
    Rick Thomas
    Nathan Burton
    Penn & Teller
    Steve Wyrick
    Dirk Arthur
    “Worlds Greatest Magic Show”

    This site has an up to date list of all the shows in LV, with times, prices, info & links to each.
    Just put in the dates you will be in LV

    If it is the Amazing Johnathan, he’s at the Sahara
    Tickets – 1-702-737-2515 , $44.95 – $54.95


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