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Hypnosis can help depression or not?

May 1, 2014 by relax  
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Question by : Hypnosis can help depression or not?
hypnosis n depression

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Answer by Taylor
It could help with any mental problem as long as it is curable by hypnosis.

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2 Responses to “Hypnosis can help depression or not?”
  1. Marc says:

    u have to be open to it and let ur body accept that it WILL help. you cant wonder just believe it.

    other depression fixes are developing simple coping skills depending on ur situation. Find your thing and just do it. i wrote drew colored and finally found graffiti (legal of course)

    your thing may be completley different but everyones got somethin. think about the things uve loved to do ever since u were little and no matter how immiture they are, just do them, they make u feel happy and juvenile in a good way

    lastly like i tell everyone get a non habit forming sleep aid, i like zzzquil, take it an hour before ur normal bed time and allow at least 8 hours. wake up drink a cup of coffee and eat a dope ass breakfast (healthy)

    hope u feel better, i know what ur goin through

  2. aw1380 says:

    Not sure if it would last or not. The only thing that really fights off depression long term is to stay out of your head and do something positive for other people, If you focus on your own pain, it magnifies it. Helping others deal with their pain is the biggest therapy you can find. Doesn’t have to be someone with depression, can be something as simple as volunteer work or helping raise funds for a charity, doing something that you can be proud of and will get you out of head.

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