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hypnosis for cat allergies?

May 17, 2014 by relax  
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Question by Xlya: hypnosis for cat allergies?
has anyone had or heard of hypnosis for cat allergies?

family pet for a while, and I have been dealing with allergies for 3 years now. I have been taking allergies pills everyday. I started allergy injections a year ago, which was fine for a while but unless I take the shot once a week, the allergies come back full blown.

so my last resort is hypnosis for allergies, otherwise I may have to give my cat away icon sad hypnosis for cat allergies?
I have found it hard to find information on the internet. your thoughts and input are welcome. please be nice though.

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Answer by formerly_bob
I have not heard of hypnosis to treat allergies, but its extremely unlikely to work. Hypnosis only works on psychological or behavioral issues and allergic reactions are immune reaction that does not involve the brain. The only way hypnosis would work is if it allowed you to ignore the allergy symptoms – it cannot stop the symptoms from occurring.

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One Response to “hypnosis for cat allergies?”
  1. Queen of the Dust Mites says:

    Wasting time and money on hypnosis is not your last resort. I can’t believe your allergist or immunologist hasn’t told you what to do to control the cat allergy in your home. Your cat produces a protein known as Fel d1. It is in the urine and saliva of your cat. Every time kitty empties its bladder or grooms itself it spreads the protein all over its skin and fur. Once there, the protein bits dry up, flake off, and you inhale them. Your body doesn’t properly recognize this protein and your immune system has made an an IgE for this protein. So this antigen causes the mast cells to get all excited and produce histamine and a whole chain reaction starts that ends with you feeling like poo. That shot you were taking was immunotherapy in hopes of reducing your sensitivity to that protein. So, know you know what is going on you can tackle that protein! There is a product called Allerpet/C that is made to rub on cats weekly to denature (or break down) that protein. It is a coat conditioner and if you use it weekly, it will work. In addition, wash your hands thoroughly after petting or playing with the cat. Don’t let kitty in your bedroom. Don’t be the one in charge of cleaning the cat box (due to the exposure to the urine). Use a denaturing spray like ADMS or ADS to break down the protein that is already spread around your house. Your furniture rugs, curtains, etc are already loaded with the stuff, so you have to treat those items. Depending on what kind of denaturing spray you use, you will have to do this every month or every 3 months. Even if you get rid of the cat you will still need to clean everything with the denaturing agent because that feline protein is very sticky and grabs onto everything. You can live with pets and pet allergy, it just takes a little investment of time and money. Now that you understand allergy, you see why hypnosis doesn’t work. I will load you up with links to read more. Good Luck!

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