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Hypnosis for Sleep II

June 5, 2010 by relax  
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This is the second Hypnosis for sleep video! icon smile Hypnosis for Sleep II

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25 Responses to “Hypnosis for Sleep II”
  1. boywithluck says:

    oh man!!! you save our sleeping time!!!!
    thnx a bunch hahaha lol

  2. TwoQueersOneChannel says:

    i just got rlly drowsy

  3. iHarpz says:

    @monni2006 i didnt even make it to the end.. haha

  4. LTigerr says:

    omg you are so amazing
    please be safe!
    haha we need you too!


    first one better

  6. JeppeTrabergS says:

    Dude you are very good at this, but you need better quality audio (:

  7. Lolop103 says:

    when sleeping it seems longer than 9:55

  8. hardybrozrule says:

    I was just about to fall asleep but my dister woke me up. Bit I am so tire

  9. TheCrispyChips says:

    i feel drowsy

  10. bluejax43 says:

    haha great vid really worked’

  11. camzo2 says:

    Damn I miss it, for these videos to work I have to be at a moment when I’m really tired, and now I’ve gone past it’s like insomnia

  12. cblunt22 says:

    Your videos are so great!
    I fall asleep every time i listen to them. Thank you so much for your time and for the fact that this is free.
    You have a true gift.

  13. magictacomangapirate says:

    I think the reason I can’t sleep is because of the high body tempeture I emit. But this helped me feel tired.

  14. randy8855 says:

    Excellent video !! All of your videos are very well done .

  15. 11barrn says:

    deeeppeerr and DEEEEEPPPPUUURRR AND D!E!E!!P!!P!!UURRR!!!!!

  16. AstralNRG says:

    I just tried it.. The second he said “1″ I immediately started to sleep. Except I started laughing, because I knew the powers of NLP would be so awesome. God damnit, now I have to listen to it again.

  17. angelofthenorth1985 says:

    ur well fit m8

  18. Leogriffen says:

    wow it actually worked…

  19. Scullnblades says:

    And Deeeepurr and Deeeepurr i was in stitches when you started talking in a deep voice lol

  20. jweasle15001 says:

    i used the playlist i made from ur vids for sleep and binaura beats etc they put me to sleep fast i remeber each sentence you say because i been using these for 2 months or more thanx plz make more for sleep i use 2 & 3

  21. TheBlahblahman101 says:

    Holy crap! I fell asleep and didn’t know why until I looked on my screen! You are amazing.

  22. maly12daniel says:

    i couldnt see at the end and i was awake but i was like almost asleep when it shuit off :( this guy is really good

  23. valeriexrobert says:

    I fell asleep!! Your awesome

  24. Malibuthunder says:

    they could mean either. in that contex they’re synonims.

  25. spaz0matic69 says:

    Omg lol, at the end when you said go to sleep, I could feel my mind try and shut down, but I was still awake. It was a pretty freaky feeling.

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