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Hypnosis – Me Hypnotizing My Sister

May 20, 2010 by relax  
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bit.ly UPDATE: A lot of people have asked me about conversational hypnosis, nlp, mind control techniques, psychological tricks, how to hypnotize someone, a friend, your boss, your dog, anybody really, how is it really done, how to be able to influence someone to obey your commands, what’s the real secret. Well, my personal secret is a combination between my passion for the human mind and how it works and the material found in the link above. This is a video of me hypnotizing my sister… (Just a few clips from the session) Comment please. =]

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25 Responses to “Hypnosis – Me Hypnotizing My Sister”
  1. nickppp100 says:

    a funny one is to get them to translate everything someone says into korean. They just use their idea of what korean sounds like and it is hilarious.

  2. BOOKWORM56100 says:

    SNAP! andyou feel your arm go up and down and sleep

  3. Pacifistwarhawk says:

    classic. this never ceases to be entertaining. what kind of induction do you usually use?

  4. SamuelSongDongKim says:

    @thanoskalegias She’s speaking “alien” based on what she thinks of the existence of aliens within her own psyche.
    Now I’m not saying this is real or not, just saying there’s a good chance that, supposing hypnotism is real and this girl was hypnotized, that this girl would speak an “alien language” developed from her own impression of aliens.

  5. SamuelSongDongKim says:


  6. panchopimp4life says:

    Anyone else notice the 666 answer. Hahahaha.

  7. Nintendolls says:

    I dont think this is fake, and i think this is soooooo cool!!! I would love to get hypnotized!! plz plz plz do another one as this is so cool. ps did ur sis actually know that u were gonna hypnotize her??? thx

  8. natsnot says:

    It would be awesome to add 2 things to a great demonstration vid like this;
    1. A couple out takes of sis watching herself afterwards to see a bit of her reaction
    2. Sis commenting on the experience and seeing it after.
    GREAT job to you both!

  9. freshfromthebest says:

    The alien thing scared the crap out of me

  10. cynderdragon1 says:

    me and my friend, Lewis loved it!!!!

  11. AricDobres says:

    @thanoskalegias dude from the beginning of the video she was in the third state, 1=light 2=medium 3=somnambulism, do some research, i mean seriously man

  12. supermariocameron says:

    I’ve been doing good myself. Your better though. Especially the alien part… that freaked me out!

  13. FiveEpicNerdfighters says:

    awhhh haha your sister is so cute!

  14. thanoskalegias says:

    come on this video sux! it’s not only to snap your fingers to make the other persnon sleep, and also on the last try with the ear and arm what step of hipnosis was your sister ? 1rst second 3rd ? coz she was look like 1rst stage and that can hapen on second only! lier!
    and also lol on alien accent! aliens dont use the voice to speak they comunicate with mind images!

  15. 19glenn64 says:

    very good…

  16. fitzosuul says:

    @povey08 dude i really think u are the most idiot specimen that ever gave me a reply…first I have more school or education than your whole fucking family…looking at your profile u make me sick I really pitty u…normaly i wouldn`t bother to answer to such a looser like u but I guess I am in a good shape today…so go fuck yourself looser

  17. FOVER619 says:

    lol that was funny, when i just started hypnotizing, i remember that i do that to all my friends during school hours, but i got in trouble lol i hate my teacher but i she slept 2 lol that was funny, well i would like to teach how to hionotize, but waht kind of hipnotism u use?

  18. zonex1a says:

    How do you learn how to hypnotize?

  19. gamerfourm217 says:

    hey, uh i am having trouble hypnotizing my friends. Could you teach me how. Please help. Could you put up a tutorial on how to perform basic hypnosis.
    Also, I believe I inherited something in which it is absolutely impossible to hynotize me from my mom.

  20. gadzook101 says:

    this is really cool, i really would like to learn how to do this!

  21. povey08 says:

    Ok first of all i have to applaud at how retarded you sound, seriously omg ‘excepting her’? wtf? did you ever go to school? and wow talking about fucking his own sister? yeh your cool, bet you feel real cool saying comments you think are going to shock people, i bet your so uneducated that you dont know how to fuck a girl, im guessing you aim for her ear or something, go kill yourself, would make this world a more educated place, dickhead.

  22. Toca91 says:

    Hey dude, awesome video! I might need some help, listen, when I’m hypnotising a younger nephew, I never make it, I’m really trying hard and saying like this: Now you’re about to fall asleep, your eyes are slowly closing, you’re falling asleep and when i count to three, I will take you deeper into hypnosis, and when i count to three, nothing happens, his still there, no matter what I’m doing and trying, one day we were trying whole day and nothing, so success! Ty for help anyway, if you respond.

  23. usaverageguy says:

    It is interesting that your sister has enough trust to allow you to take her that deep. Ususlly family members are to familure with the hypnotist to relax that well. It is nice to have such a good subject to work with on a regular basis.

  24. Lastesina says:

    HAHAHA you’re a horrible person

  25. wapatoecology says:

    be careful- you told her she couldn’t understand english- they might make it so she can’t understand your commands…

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