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hypnosis meditation

June 17, 2010 by relax  
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hypnosis meditation

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25 Responses to “hypnosis meditation”
  1. ReaganBoy says:

    ur eyebrow is scary

  2. lilylily412 says:

    i almost fell asleep

  3. internetpaper1 says:

    Imagine…”the walls are black, the seats are black, THE PEOPLE are black.”

  4. dagherpaul says:

    @laviah19 i know what your talking about lol me to :P

  5. phoebzkim says:


  6. SnowbunnySerenade says:

    Watch my relaxation, whisper and guided meditation videos —

    Inspired by Cercies!

  7. shadowrecruit says:


  8. narednik456 says:

    Are you sick, why you cut your eyebrows?? Hehehhe ;) )

  9. donovanjd3 says:

    @thedemonwithnoshirt yep she is a Goddess :) very relaxing, such a lovely voice, and just insanely beautiful,,,those eyes :)

  10. aag892dsl says:

    Ya, I keep coming back to this video to relax before sleep. Cercies has a natural talent for this with her voice tone, and the unrushed delivery of the words.

    Cercies if you even did some voice recordings to mp3 or cd with the same background music I think it would be great, I mean I’d order a cd.

    Tip on mic placement: don’t aim the diaphram directly at your mouth, put it to the side (like a little off from your cheek) and aim it at like a 45 deg angle. This way the pops aren’t as prominent.

  11. GaGaDollx says:

    Have you recently lost a loved one?
    I keep getting that vibe . . .

  12. sonjaxfactor says:

    @KawaiikuteMonster I hope things are better for you now.

  13. BreakingImageFilms says:

    painted eyebrows?

  14. thedemonwithnoshirt says:

    194 thousand views , cercies is a goddesss!!!!

  15. AndersO1983 says:

    After as erious accident, where I was in a coma and woke up paralyzed, I now hold a lot of tension in the muscles, which now work -somewhat. Your videos help me release tensions, that would otherwise keep some of my functions locked – thank you for that Cercies!

  16. fuckyourcouch702 says:

    somthing bad has happend to you? somone is sick?

  17. xxwhitecoco2xx says:

    cercies r u still alive?? I have been listening to your hypnosis videos for years now and wonder if u intend on making a new one??? no bs but they completely changed my life (may b funny to some people out there but quite frankly idc)! u r the best at what u do :)

  18. dravidius549 says:

    cercies, you are such a freak! Any hence my confusion as to why I am always drawn to your vids, and find them intensely relaxing. You are very talented! Thank you for doing these, and keep up the good work. You seem like a good person–freak or not, just kidding! Thanks again!

  19. Guitarsnspraycans says:

    Cultural knowledge? It’s my culture to not have real eyebrows? That’s not racist at all nice job douche.

  20. sparks59 says:

    fix your lack of cultural knowledge.

  21. Guitarsnspraycans says:

    Fix your (lack of) eyebrows

  22. RexHesch says:

    am I retarded cause no one has ever been able to hypnotise me.

  23. avallonmist says:

    Cercies, that was a beautiful meditation and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the sound of your voice and I appreciate your efforts to try to do something positive.
    )O(Blessed Be)O(

  24. SuperHaxzor says:


  25. Junkfoodjoe says:

    I try bro

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