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Hypnosis Online – Try This Experience – Get Hypnotized

May 8, 2010 by relax  
Filed under Videos Richard K Nongard, LMFT of leads you through several convincers and a short hypnotic experience

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25 Responses to “Hypnosis Online – Try This Experience – Get Hypnotized”
  1. Phillops says:

    Very Good

  2. xMakeYouSmile says:

    Holy! I was actually trying to pull my hands off but I couldn’t! It’s not like it was forcing me, but my mind told me not to. And then when I finally told my mind to release them it felt so weird like they were actually glued!

  3. TheAJRrecordings says:

    I have a great fear of dieing in 2012 and was wondering if anything like this could help me??

  4. wongnumba says:

    so weird, the glue trick didnt really work but i couldn’t picture any of the gluing happening to my hands… the only thing that gripped were my knuckles interlocked…

    though waking back up after the 1 2 3 i do feel somewhat energized. with the urge to fly.

  5. LaurenceKeyworth says:

    The hand clasp was down to what he said. If you listen to him at 1.40, he says no matter how hard you try and pull your hands together they lock tighter and tighter, which makes you think to squeeze your hands together in your subliminal mind as opposed to pulling them apart.

  6. MissMelanieMoss says:

    Wow, so relaxing, I’m going to have such a good night’s rest tonight! However, I had trouble with the hand clasp, it didn’t seem to work on me. Maybe I just wasn’t concentrating enough

  7. Kaito66666 says:

    i am really relaxed now… thx

  8. RoseT7100 says:

    That clamping hands together thing reallyworked for me. I tried it twice and it worked both times.

  9. KeepStrumming says:

    Did anyone else wake up with the expression on their face said said “wtf, woah”, and had heavy eyes? lol

  10. ntune990 says:

    interesting…..i felt some kinda of peace and relaxation with this……didnt even feel like 9 mins……but i have a hunch that it would be even better with better audio quality…….perhaps your mouth closer to the mic as if the mic was my ear…..i wear high quality head phones and i bet it would help…..just a thought……but again….i think this video did take me to a place of peace…….thanks abunch…. let me know what you think and let me know when i can expect more videos…

  11. WazowskiChannel says:

    it worked in about 3 mins and suddenly, my phone rings, so i woken up

  12. littleman283 says:


  13. 2011celeste says:

    I think it worked omg

  14. momo4895 says:

    that worked really well for me… thanks

  15. deathangel666100 says:

    that was amazing, omg, amazing

  16. l1m0sus says:

    Holy ****! It actually worked. Didn’t really think it would, but I sure was wrong. But hypnosis isn’t just relaxation, right?

  17. JaxOntUmaGaN says:

    wow!! imposible

  18. kazadomz says:

    @muaytb1 yes em do :) but its more intelligent to give em the sens of intelligense and creativety cuz when u feel it , it flows true u and unlock their creativety and intelligence in the energi that is feeling – and thats another dimension then a mental thought that is more like the pointers :) So to follow the suggestion is more intelligent then u dident know befor now – always intelligent to feel good -

  19. kazadomz says:

    For me it works very well i also am a beginner in hypnosis :) I understand the energi and strukturing of thoughts and all that u do well all that i think i know u do that is ofc :) I try to learn from u true my self – i can deepen this trance so deep i can see auras and very color full energis around the room with people in it – It highent the energi and helps ppl see more and be more creative – very greatfull for u teachings u are haveing fun with :) feel good about my spelling errors

  20. karina002 says:


  21. muaytb1 says:

    they always say people who can get hypnotized are intelligent and creative to incentivize idiots to appear “intelligent and creative” by allowing themselves to follow suggestions.

  22. Rickalope says:

    ima try ta go to sleep now n control my dreams with lucid dreaming. If this doesnt work ima be mad

  23. deadry10 says:

    nicee !!!

    i like it

  24. cuzwerecrazy says:

    WOW!!! awsome!!! you rock i want more!!

  25. laurenkiddx says:

    madd relaxinggg

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