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Hypnosis Party Tricks #1, hypnotize your friends

May 4, 2010 by relax  
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25 Responses to “Hypnosis Party Tricks #1, hypnotize your friends”
  1. FreestyleBoy2010 says:

    nope didn’t work oh well don’t quit your night

  2. JimAsian1 says:

    You’re gorgeous

  3. xalexx101 says:

    it didnt work on me???

  4. PCVistaHelp says:

    on 4:52 some1 try’s to break in:p

  5. Anaminus1 says:

    i watched them all and i cant do it!

  6. magpie248 says:

    i did this to my dad and i couldnt wake him up! lol!

  7. Loyiri says:

    wow at the end when u said “you are getting very sleepy”

    my arms felt weak then i dropped my bowl of noodles. maybe im jsut crazy

  8. XmienekeX says:

    I don’t think its going to work

  9. hsk8787 says:

    fukin scam

  10. darkjungl3 says:

    damn i fell asleep when i stared at your forehead

  11. conillusionist says:

    lol, your awesome!

  12. poopoobum1 says:

    A hot hypnotist?! That’s a first!

  13. weardpancake says:

    or fdgdfgfg

  14. weardpancake says:


  15. MetalDeathRing10 says:

    I tried on my brother, but it didnt work :( can you plz help me?

  16. tall121 says:

    Wendi, you are so cute! … you’re in big trouble bub!

    (this is actually a very helpful video.)

  17. Tikvanaya says:

    Is it me or does she have a STEREO microphone system?

  18. romelloWilliams11 says:

    I came back a year later… still works. :-)

  19. lexi681 says:

    me and my friend could not do it

  20. alkalinkintriopark says:

    i did it on my cousin, so funny

  21. WendiFriesen says:

    Aaaah grasshopper, you are learning.


  22. Chavanai says:

    This is a commercial guys… the last sentence is a sugestion to buy her dvd: “listen to my voice and my voice only” followed by a negative sugestion “you dont have to BUY MY DVD NOW” pitifull…!!! Besides her technique is not really to the point… luckily she’ll trick herself into her twisted mind and she’ll end up paying for the advantage she thinks she is getting out everybody else…

  23. blackicede says:

    No. Because I was getting dizzy and slapped myself. :D

  24. supercooper54371 says:

    love the video but if you make another video please show an example with somone

  25. thebeachiibabii says:

    Omg i thought i felt like i was actually going into a trance when she was explainig lol that weirdd. Shit

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