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Hypnosis ques? serious answers only please?

January 21, 2007 by relax  
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hypnosis69 Hypnosis ques? serious answers only please?
helpseeker865 asked:

What happens if someone wakes up during hypnosis session? Any side effects/ damages to brain?More specifically, my friend was listening to one of the downloads at, and in the middle of the session, he just woke up and the download was still running so he had to turn it off. What do u think has heppened to him? Does it mean that he is still in the hypnotic state? If he is, how can he get into normal state/ reality?

Persuasion Hypnosis
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3 Responses to “Hypnosis ques? serious answers only please?”
  1. Persuasion Hypnosis

    he just got out of the subconscious/ unconscious state and back to the “normal” waking state. don’t worry.

  2. billy says:

    How Hypnosis Works

    Any hypnotic trance effects will have wore off by now. They usually only last a few hours and if he “woke up” it might have ended right there.

    The biggest possible side effect is that you might be in a more suggestible state if still entranced. Also if there were some commands at the end of the download to reverse any unpleasant effects, like having one of your arms feel extra light, that might take a few hours to were off on its own.

  3. The Master Method of Hypnosis


    During hypnosis, which is a natural state which we all enter several times a day, you are not asleep. You can open your eyes & get up & walk out of a session if you wish, although I do not see the point.

    The client has full control over everything that happens.

    Your friend came round probably because something distracted him, very natural.


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