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Hypnosis Session – Actual Session for Stop Smoking

June 1, 2010 by relax  
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UPDATE: This guy is a DJ in a bar. Still smoke-free 18 months later… Hypnosis Superstore. This video demonstrates hypnotic phenomena, catalepsy, age regression, fast learning, APP

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25 Responses to “Hypnosis Session – Actual Session for Stop Smoking”
  1. ClinicalHypnosis says:

    @Xiiiang The twitiching is REM, a sign of trance, very postiive. Just take a breath and relax. You would enjoy some of our mp3’s for smoking cassation at our website

  2. Xiiiang says:

    wow while actually doing what this guy said my eyes were twitching none stop, i hope this would really help me to stop smoking

  3. BulletCowboy says:

    @grasperxxx The reason everything else has not worked is because you are not 100% committed to giving up. I smoked 30 a day sometimes many more for around 10 years, it took my child being born to give me full motivation to quit & now I don’t even think about it ( 2 years on ). I did it by telling myself enough is enough & to gather the inner strength needed to say no to your sub-concious mind, I QUIT !… Good luck !

  4. ClinicalHypnosis says:

    @bruceleeC64 Typical sessions are one hour, with about half of that actual hypnosis. This was a condensed session becasue youtbe limits to ten minutes. Actual client, still a nonsmoker

  5. bruceleeC64 says:

    how long does a session normally take ? Seemed to great a lot of work done here..

  6. tawenasw19 says:

    Brilliant session !

  7. ClinicalHypnosis says:

    @tekren6 Congrats! Glad to have helped in any way! :)

  8. tekren6 says:

    I find it really weird how I had my last smoke while watching this video. That was April 17. At about 45 minutes past 5 in the evening. With the proper motivation for stopping and seeing this video. I suppose I owe you a little bit of credit. Thanks!

  9. ClinicalHypnosis says:

    @grasperxxx Try hyppnosis. Nothing wrong with gum or e-cigarettes. It is relaly NOT the nicotine that is the primary health risk, it is all the other stuff. Gum and e-cigarettes can even be combined with hypnosis. What is most important is to find what works for you!

  10. grasperxxx says:

    @ClinicalHypnosis thank you..i’m down to the 3 options of nicotine gum,e-cigarettes,and hypnosis…i’ve tried everything else and nothing seems to work

  11. ClinicalHypnosis says:

    @grasperxxx The fees depend on geography. As little as $75 is a souther rural area, up to $400 in New York. I think the average is about $150.

    And you are correct you will get much more out of a live session. This session worked for this guy, but different people respond to different things and have different needs.

  12. grasperxxx says:

    @ClinicalHypnosis Everyone in my house smokes and will honestly refuse to change their ways as insane as that sounds….How much does a session like this usually run someone….On average..I don’t think the youtube version will give me the full benefit

  13. resortnurse says:

    I actually followed along, and felt a bit scared when i fell into a deep state of relaxation. Not sure, but maybe it was the sense of loss of control. Anyway, i will let yu know what happens with my smoking habbit.

  14. CallMeMistressSally says:

    Oh wow… I’ve been wanting to quit for the longest time, and today there is NO tobacco in the house, I figured it might be worth a shot to try a hypnosis to finally quit, and I have to say, I feel so refreshed! I didn’t even notice the red coloured things on my desk before, but when I opened my eyes, I really like looking at them, and my breathing is a lot better now (I’m an asthmatic) I think this will really help, I’m adding this to my faves to help in the next few days if I need it! Thanks!

  15. louise4053 says:

    I’m convinced this guy is the real deal! I wish I could have a private session with him to help with tobacco cravings. Excellent video. Thank You.

  16. sammy11232003 says:

    this is fake

  17. ClinicalHypnosis says:

    @lennylorenzo1 You are doing great! Keep it up!

  18. lennylorenzo1 says:

    Wow! I just quit smoking this morning and have been pissed off and agravated all day. I just followed this guys directions and all of a sudden feel… refreshed, and Im sure I didnt get the full effect over youtube. I dont crave a cig right now… Hell yes! I bet its hugely more effective in person.

  19. sirtinycreep says:

    This guy is a good hypnotist.

  20. SarahLee1 says:

    Basically I did everything the hypnotist said, pretended to be his client, ignored everything else. I just feel like I woke from a deep sleep and the colour of red feels really invigorating now. Let’s see how this will affect my smoking tomorrow.

  21. cheeseburgerwalrus2 says:

    he’s not a mirror

  22. cheeseburgerwalrus2 says:

    Richard. wow. nice. mission accomplished. I was actually looking for a demonstration of this being done right.

    Very, very nice.


  23. Catt723Lover says:

    @hinduw i agree!

  24. Catt723Lover says:

    im not; i was given him advice. i think if he slows and softens his voice it would sounds better. i wasn’t trying to be rude.

  25. randomcitizen says:

    I’m sorry but why are you lecturing a professional?

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