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Hypnosis Therapy Focuses On Suggestions

December 6, 2010 by relax  
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Since a vast majority believe that hypnosis is simply a person acting on suggestions, they are not fully comfortable with hypnosis therapy in relief of many mental and physical ailments. Moving past the notion that a person under hypnosis is prone to perform illegal or immoral acts, as directed, you may begin to see how hypnosis therapy may work for some people.

Neuro linguistics programming is the newest term to describe subliminal suggestion and is being bantered about during conversations on hypnosis therapy in achieving successful placement of suggestions into someone’s subconscious minds. The term almost is making the insinuation that the technique is able to actually program someone’s mind into thinking or behaving in a certain way.

With the understanding of how hypnosis therapy actually works on a person’s mind, many might see how this conclusion can be erroneously drawn. The subconscious mind is more capable of accepting thoughts and suggestions, which may rebut a reality that the conscious mind can refute based on known factors. With its power to apply critical thinking the conscious mind will overpower suggestions running contrary to its known realism.

Suggestions Become New Reality

Hypnosis therapy edges beyond the conscious mind into the realm of new thoughts without the mind’s ability to argue against the new thoughts and the hypnotist can plant new suggestions into the subconscious to replace the known reality with a new one. This will not necessarily make it possible for a person to be convinced to do things they would not normally do, but it does open the door to the suggestion.

People who undergo hypnosis therapy to lose weight, for example, may have had the suggestion planted that limits them to a certain amount of food at each meal, or that sugar is not good for them and that they do not like it. When they sit down to eat, once they have reached the programmed limit, they are no longer hungry or if sugar is offered, they will turn it down, as their mind believes they do not want it.

Several sources are offering the option of self hypnosis sessions, typically for about .00, which can provide numerous hypnosis therapy sessions, which are claimed to be effective in the privacy of your own home. Before participating in a self hypnosis session, however it is recommended you fully understand the basics of hypnotism and what means may be available to bring you out of your self-induced trance if needed.

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