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Hypnosis Therapy To Eliminate Bad Habits

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Hypnosis therapy is believed to be a way of treatment. Until recently, most of the people believed that it is possible for an expert hypnotist to make anyone a puppet by giving suggestions to his mind. But now we know that no one can dominate the mind of another by using the techniques of hypnotherapy without the cooperation from the subject.

Nowadays people seek the help of a hypnotist to bring some positive changes in their life by changing the behavioral problems they suffer. The experts in this field state that it is possible to achieve this goal by using the techniques of hypnosis therapy, if the subject is ready and willing to co operate with the hypnotist.

A hypnotist makes use of various techniques of hypnosis therapy to treat a patient. The techniques that are commonly used by the hypnotists include relaxation technique, visualization method, suggestive method, meditation, acupuncture, bio-feedback and faith healing. A good hypnotist should always be able to find out the right technique to be used on a patient.

Hypnosis therapy is positively used by many people to resolve the problems like bedwetting reduce addictions, lose weight and to control behavioral abnormalities.

Scientists are conducting a lot of studies and researches on the effectiveness of hypnosis on human being. The results from these studies indicate that hypnosis therapy is more effective in persons with a particular state of mind or personality.

Dr. Herbert Spiegel, a known psychiatrist in the field of hypnosis categorized people into three different groups in accordance with their viability to hypnotic therapy. He ranked these people by using a numeric score to indicate their susceptibility to hypnotic therapy.

According to Dr.Herbert, the people who score 0-1 are the least viable persons to hypnotic therapy. He called them Apollonian. They will normally be very rational, inhibited and will not suspend critical judgment.

Dyonysians are the second category of persons who score 4 on the hypnotizability chart. These persons who act as the best candidate for hypnotic therapy are very imaginative, trusting and creative. Dyonysians who score 5 or high are the persons who fall into trance state of mind spontaneously. According to Dr.Herbert it is impossible to improve the hypnotizability of a person as people are born with a tendency to fall into any of these groups.

Hypnosis therapy is a branch of treatment which can be used for exploiting people. People who submit themselves to the control of a third person always run the risk of being exploited.

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