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Hypnosis & weight loss – does it work or not?

April 16, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Julia D: Hypnosis & weight loss – does it work or not?
I’m curious: there are mixed articles in the media regarding the efficacy of hypnosis to curb appetite and help with weight loss.
Is there anyone here who’s actually had the treatment and what did they find the results were like? I would like to hear both sides, and details ie how many sessions did it require, cost, any noticeable side effects?
Thanks Vickie! That’s really interesting. Do you think her success will trigger other people in her social circle, who are overweight to also take it up? £100 is not bad at all.

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Answer by xViCKiEx
Its risky. It worked on my auny’s friend, shed been trying to loose weight for years butno diet worked, but then once she had hypnosis, she started loosing like 2 pound everyday! Sh ehad only one session which cost her £100 and as far as im aware, no side effects

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