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Question by pixiechic10192001: Hypnosis?….?
I have a curiosity about hypnosis and how it works. Can anyone please give me tips, websites, anything on it.
If you can that will be helpful. But if you can’t thanks anyway.

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Answer by laura_paura
I know a great hypnotist. His name is Dr. Travis Fox. He travels a lot, does fairs and conventions. Check out this website:

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  1. JWG03 says:

    I really learned a lot from the hypnosis downloads free online course. You do have to sign up for a newsletter with your email address but hey at least its free. It will teach you a lot about how real hypnosis works. You can get the free training course at:

    I also found their subscription download service to be useful once I had learned a bit about how hypnosis works and knew that I was interested in utilizing it as a tool to try to beat some habits that I have.

    Hope this helps,

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