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I tried self hypnosis and this is what happened?

April 29, 2014 by relax  
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Question by OMEmmett!: I tried self hypnosis and this is what happened?
I was practicing self-hypnosis, and I was relaxed and everything, totally in between sleep and awake.

In my head, I was walking down this huge staircase like something from the old times where it’s swirly, like from Harry Potter or something. And it was dimly lit so I couldn’t see the bottom of the staircase when I looked down. It was just black.

The further down I got, my arms and legs began tingling as if I wasn’t in my own body. My ears where ringing and I couldn’t feel my arms. When I was halfway down the steps, I felt cool breathing in my ear, but I couldn’t move.

Then, suddenly, I was at the bottom of the steps with a man. He took my hand, stared in my eyes and said to me “what’s the point?” and I just stared, confused. The strange thing was that I actually heard him say the word “point” as if he where right next to me.

After that, I was walking back up the stairs and all the sounds where coming back, along with the feelings in my body. The tingles left and it was like it never happened.

Does it mean anything or is it just the self-hypnosis?

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Answer by muntajab
what you are doing is a kind of going down to your depths. fisrt the attempt of self hypnosis is a kind of digging into yourself. Second the stairs going down…

now… somebody grabbed you by the hand told you what is the point… then you walked up…

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3 Responses to “I tried self hypnosis and this is what happened?”
  1. crayonsunshineater says:

    Why’d you try this anyway? Always have a reason when you do something like that. Your mind is like a movie theatre. It plays something that has happened in your life over again when you least expect it. Or maybe its a sign of something. I can’t be too sure. You could always try to figure out what this means.

  2. SadharaSatguru says:


    The physical sensations are very common to hypnosis, due to the physical relaxation.

    All that you saw was your subconscious mind talking to you.

    Keep going.

    See Profile :)

  3. JustCurios says:

    Hmm….not an expert, but agree it could be your inner self talking to you.

    Maybe these free downloads (videos and MP3s) by Al Perhacs can help sort things out and get you on the right track:

    …also you could check with Al for help, too. His contact info is linked on those sites above, and his blogs, too. He lives near me and is wise and easy going, friendly to talk with.

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