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I wanna know what’s the deal with hypnosis? Is it possible to remember every detail with it (like in a memory)

May 3, 2012 by relax  
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Question by Tina M: I wanna know what’s the deal with hypnosis? Is it possible to remember every detail with it (like in a memory)
for example,

i’d like to ‘re-remember’ some of the events that happened to me in the past (get them more detailistic) is that possible with hypnosis?

or how do i retrieve them?

Best answer:

Answer by andrei a
It is POSSIBLE to remember details that you forgot. However, during a trance, you might greatly distort your memories or create false memories.

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6 Responses to “I wanna know what’s the deal with hypnosis? Is it possible to remember every detail with it (like in a memory)”
  1. Saphire says:

    i dont think so. sometimes they come back to you in dreams, so try to remember everything you can about the invent while you’re lying down in your bed.

  2. Hannah says:

    The Myth-Busters seem to think that’s right!

  3. navyhm1983 says:

    I have never been a real beliver in Hypnosis. If it were as it is portrayed on the stage then the hypnotist would be in control of the world. He would simply hypnotise people to vote for him and campaign for him.

    So it really lacks credibility in my opinion.

    Like the guy that acts like a chicken on stage. PLEASE!

  4. Pam R says:

    Hello Tina

    Regression therapy can take you back to any point that the subconscious mind wishes to share, some may need some time to be shown, making hypnosis is very good for this.

    Another way is to take yourself back to that time from a curiosity angle, explore as much as you can, including feelings & then leave it, so that the rest can come to you over hours, days or weeks.


  5. deepinsight says:

    There has been research done on this question. In one such experiment, two groups of college students was asked to read very factual material; one group was hypnotized, the other was not. A week later, both groups were tested on the material. The group that was hypnotized did in fact remember more information, however the hypnotized group also made more mistakes; the non hypnotized group responded with “I don’t know” more frequently, remembered fewer facts, but made fewer mistakes. The hypnotized group was more confident in their answers, but also had a higher rate of incorrect responses.

    It is possible for you to be able to retrieve past events, but it is also possible to experience “confabulation” where you combine memories or fabricate new ones in response to the hypnotist’s suggestion. Hypnosis can be effective, but you should not think that you will see an accurate video of past events in your life. It takes a very skilled and experienced hypnotist to help in these matters.

    Good luck!

  6. Tom R says:

    It is real and you can remember everything not like a memory but like a movie run frame by frame. The technique is call regression and it is difficult to do properly. the main problems is the hypnotist may feed the subject bits of information and the subject constructs a fantasy with them and it is constructed not remembered. This is why this method of remembering events are not allowed as evidence in court in most places.

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