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In hypnosis can you make anything be drummed into the subconscious?

April 11, 2012 by relax  
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Question by : In hypnosis can you make anything be drummed into the subconscious?
So basically the idea I have of hypnosis is its direct communication with the subconscious mind so does this mean that basically if you give the subconscious mind a message… would respond to that? say if I had an addiction say I could not stop eating chocolate (dumb example lol) if you were to correctly train the subconscious with the message “I do not like chocolate” would the mind make it harder for you to take yo chocolate again?

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Answer by Marc
Hypnosis was made by a guy named Franz Mesmer. This is where the word “mesmerize” comes from. He was a fraud.

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4 Responses to “In hypnosis can you make anything be drummed into the subconscious?”
  1. william c says:

    Hypnosis is not a science it is a scam . Only way to be under a state of Hypnosis is to be given a Hypnotic Sedative like sodium secobarbitall ,Nembutal ,amabarbatal or penethal.

  2. Normand says:

    Hypnosis does work and is proven, and I have used it personally. However it does not work for most people. If it did you would have hypnosis clinics on every corner. There are better methods that you can use that are similar to hypnosis that are more effective and less expensive

  3. Pam Richards says:

    Hello David

    Hypnosis does not drum anything into the mind.

    If you wish to work with suggestions, your subconscious will only accept what it can believe in. If your belief system does not agree with a suggestion it may work for a while or be instantaneously ignored.

    For the suggestion you have given, it is worded badly & instructs ‘eat chocolate’, so phrasing is paramount, as is understanding about language & how the mind perceives it. More often than not hypnosis is used to help resolve the issues why someone would wish to avoid chocolate before any suggestion of this kind could be given. It is a consensual therapeutic act.


  4. Garrett Schick says:

    Hypnosis is self-delusion that only works on gullible fools who believe it will work.

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