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Is HYPNOSIS and HYPNOTHERAPY the same thing?

August 18, 2013 by relax  
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Question by …: Is HYPNOSIS and HYPNOTHERAPY the same thing?
have to do a paper on a Theraputic Approach about Hypnosis. so is hypnotherapy the same as hypnosis therapy? just want to be sure, that im not researching the wrong thing

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Answer by James M
Alex, I can understand the confusion as the terms are often used interchangeably. A working definition of hypnosis is that it is a “naturally altered state of consciousness where a person becomes more open to suggestion and changing perceptions.”

So hypnosis can be looked at as a set of techniques that enhances suggestibility in a group or individual. However, this does not define the purpose of doing so.

Many people’s first impression of hypnotic technique is by those entertainers who put on stage performances where volunteers lose their inhibitions and act out suggestions that seem out of character for them.

Politicians and other leaders use hypnotic techniques to influence the public-for both good and ill.

Hypnotherapy refers to the use of hypnotic techniques in conjunction with another healing art like medicine, psychiatry or psychotherapy. In many US states the term “hypnotherapy” and “hypnotherapist” is reserved for licensed healthcare professionals who use hypnotic methods in the treatment of mental illness.

Then there are those whose practice of hypnotic techniques involves helping people “with the everyday problems of everyday life” and only work with medical and psychological disorders upon referral from a doctor or a therapist. These practitioners usually use the title of Certified Hypnotist or Consulting Hypnotist and engage in what is known as hypnosis counseling or clinical hypnotism.

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