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Is hypnosis possible to remember a language you forgot?

January 12, 2013 by relax  
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Question by Xsingstar94X: Is hypnosis possible to remember a language you forgot?
When I was 5, I moved to England from france, where I was born. I spoke fluent french. But then in England, while I was being taught english, I forgot ALL my FRENCH! Now I’m studying french GCSE and I can’t really speak or write it that well. Someone recommended using hypnosis to bring it all back, but would it work? And if it did, would I forget my English? Recommendations? Pleasse?


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Answer by Los
Naturally, hypnosis is designed to bring up memories in parts of your brain that you would not normally be able to access. In this light, it would seem that it would be able to, at the very least, help in your plight to regain your Frenchiness. It would for sure not be able to restore it back to it’s former state, but as it is definitely in that part of your brain, I would say yes.
Also, there is no way you would forget your English if you undertook hypnosis to learn French again. If you’re constantly using English now, You’re merely bringing back memories, not erasing something and replacing it with something else.

Hope I’ve helped.

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5 Responses to “Is hypnosis possible to remember a language you forgot?”
  1. Joey says:

    I know what you mean I use chinese all the time in primary school, now I hardly use chinese cause noone else know how to speak it lol.

    Hypnosis works but i dunno how yr gonna find one.

  2. M says:

    Hypnosis can be possible even to ”remember” a language you didn’t know – but many hypnotists are charlatans, abusers, close-minded, etc., or… plain stupid. One must be care full. One common problem is that hypnotists often project their (many times ignorant) beliefs to the hypnotized, can send you astray. Even often post-hypnotic stress is very harmfull and can last trully long. Goodluck.
    _(It’s better to refresh your French w/ a little work, instead.)

  3. cool as ice 25 says:

    Yes it can help you but it will not bring back the old you if you knew what i mean..

  4. Shaman says:

    Well…. If you once spoke it fluently, but stopped using it, the basic knowledge is probably still in there somewhere though your vocabulary may not be as extensive. However, the way you are currently trying to access that knowledge may be the problem.

    See…. The problem is like this. You learned how to walk when you were very young. But what if someone told you that you were not walking properly (that your posture, your gait, or your foot placement was all wrong) and you tried to learn it all over again. You would have trouble doing that as well, because then you learned it differently than you would now. Then, the learning was done by trial and error and by “doing”. Now, you would probably try to be more “intellectual” about it. Learning one way and learning another is like downloading a software package to the same hard drive, but to different sectors.

    You learned French back then one way, but you are trying to relearn it differently now. (I would imagine, you are having to go through a process of “translation” in your head to get to the French now.)

    If you can spare the money…. Get a French version of the Rosetta Stone program. From what I’ve seen, that system is based more on how you would have learned the language when you were young. It may also help bring those old memories back to the surface.

    To answer your question though…. Hypnosis might help to remove the block you have and may help your current learning easier, BUT…. If you want to be as fluent as you were back then, you have to approach the subject more like you did back then. Get back to “thinking” in French and not “translating” your thoughts into French.

    Hope that helps. Be well.

    P.S. – You’re not likely to forget your English now. You’ve used it too much over your life. Your core thinking processes are largely in English now, hence your problem relearning French.

  5. Paul says:

    yes it should work easily. And no you definately won’t forget any English

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