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Is instant hypnosis simply posthypnotic suggestions?

September 8, 2012 by relax  
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Question by : Is instant hypnosis simply posthypnotic suggestions?
Could displays of instant hypnosis be simple posthypnotic suggetions that the hypnotist gave the subject?
for example if the hypnotist previously hypnotised a person and said to him “When i touch your head and say ’sleep’ you will instantly fall into a trance”.
Later this could appear to be instant hypnosis.
Or is instant hypnosis a real thing?

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Answer by billy
Yes it certainly could be but it could also be real. If the subject things the hypnotist is very skilled, or if they have been or witnessed hypnosis and know what to expect it could be very easy to instantly hypnotize them. There are many other reasons too.

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