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Is it okay to use multiple hypnosis clips at once?

April 13, 2011 by relax  
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Question by joshuover: Is it okay to use multiple hypnosis clips at once?
If you have multiple things that you think could be improved with hypnosis, is it okay to work on all of them at once? Not listen to the clips at the same time, but just listen to one after the other and attempt to solve both problems together? Or will one ruin the effects of the other?

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Answer by Lisa J
Hei Joshuover!

No, it’s not OK. The subconscious is a very uncomplicated part of us which only does one thing at a time and does not start on the second until the first one is achieved. If you give it more than one thing to do, it will get confused and not do anything.

Solve one problem at a time and it will in the end go much quicker than overloading the subconscious and no get anything done.

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One Response to “Is it okay to use multiple hypnosis clips at once?”
  1. Robert Shields says:

    I agree with the first post.

    Do not use more than one suggestion at one time.

    The reason is simple. The unconscious Mind will accept all of your self-improvement suggestions but will only act on the last one. So in effect, you are wasting your time.

    Consider this. There is a technique called the Confusion Technique that is sometimes used by Hypnotherapists to get you to relax when you are a difficult subject.

    The method is to use a number of suggestions following each other quite quickly and then ending with a simple suggestion of relaxation.

    So the previous suggestions are ignored and the last one is accepted and, viola, the client accepts the relaxation suggestion.

    Also bear in mind that it is quite normal to simply do nothing when too many options are given to you. Were I to give you 100 suggestion to solve a problem, there is a very good chance that you will only act on the last one or none at all.

    So, choose the most important problem and work on that. You never know, maybe the rest will resolve themselves as a result:-)

    Robert Shields

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